What men like in women above all else?

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men are like women - is a well-known fact proved by Mother Nature.But what men love in women - you might be interested to know.

psychological factor

Some women mistakenly believe that women are interested in men only in terms of banal physiology.Hormones, agitation, suckling at the sight of a woman's breasts - all this, of course, fine, but whether men as compared with animals?Not all men love in women, covered panties or bra.

result of the compilation of characters. Act complement each other in power here.If a man is soft - he likes strong and strong-willed woman (he would choose mainly of young women with character, even if most of them are engaged in boxing or hammer throw).If tyrannical - find a soft, ready to obey her.If you have a sense of humor and can not live a day without a joke - that finds itself like a girl, fun-loving and cheerful.

level of general education. This is not about documents on graduation ("show me your certificate of completion to college technician, and then you're attracted to me is not enough"?), But the erudition and erudition.The closer the partners to each other in terms of intellectual development - the easier they understand each other, the more general themes have to talk.

timbre of the voice. so many men like to listen to women.If you do not believe me - get statistics on the number of fans, male and female at the French singer Mylene Farmer.Snazzy voice can more than offset the not very distinguished appearance.

physiological factor

Physiology men, of course, plays a significant role in the choice of the woman and the problem of its appeal.However, even for the most experienced seductress may come as a shock that the vast majority of men of physiological factors (albeit unconsciously) values ​​most is not the size of the chest and does not make partner.It's not even the length of the legs, not the thickness of the waist, not the density of hair and hairstyle.

most important factor in the physiology of appeal - is the smell.The smell triggers somatic arousal responses in the body, prompting located in the cortex of the brain's pleasure center.As a result, off-scale doses happiness hormone produced in the body from the smell of a woman, a man the feeling that he really likes it.

Of course, there are many women whose scent can attract your spouse.Therefore, you should not relax, and apart from the smell must have an attractive appearance, as well as - to approach her husband on psychological parameters.

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