Islam: the holidays (the list).

Muslims as followers of other religions have a lot of their holidays, which are an integral part of Islamic spirituality and culture.The Arabic name this solemn date - id, which means something like this: "return to a certain time."What characterizes major holidays of Islam and how to celebrate the orthodox adherents of religion of the Prophet Muhammad?

general principles

during any of the festivals of the Muslim calendar believers, of course, pray.In addition, they remember their loved ones and pray for those who stepped into another world.As Islam prescribes, the holidays should be carried out in the community, so that everyone could feel his involvement in the Ummah.

Unlike Christianity, where there are thirteen major holidays, Muslims have only two such important Occasions: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.The first festival is timed to the end of the post, and the second is dedicated to sacrifice.It is celebrated during the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca has.In contrast Fitr, which is called the Small holiday Adha is called the Great or the Great.

Both of these festive days, as well as all other religious holidays of Islam celebrated according to the lunar calendar, is traditionally adopted in the Middle East.Account Islamic chronology begins on July 15, 622 BC.e.On this day the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, which is called the day of the Hegira.Muslim lunar year is shorter than the solar 11 days.This is caused by the fact that Islamic holidays are not confined to the dates of the Gregorian calendar, according to which they are displaced every year in celebration of his eleven days.To align this rhythm, every third year is considered a leap year.

Hijra Hijra - is, in principle, the first of the events that was established in the Muslim community.Organized festivities on this day was first initiated by the Caliph Omar.And at its core it is the Islamic New Year, which opens muhharam month.This holiday comes after previous new moon.

New Year requires every Muslim symbolic move from Mecca to Medina.This means that you need to leave behind all the sins and failures of old habits and start a new life according to the will of Allah.

Memory Hussein

Ten days after the New Year is celebrated the memory of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the former prophet Mohammed.He died 61 AH in the battle with the troops of the Caliph Yazid.It specifically Shi'ite day, it is not included in the major holidays of Islam, the list of which is identical for all vnutriislamskih movements and denominations.On this day, the Shiites mourn, organize a solemn procession, portray the event of death of Hussein t. D.

Eid al-Fitr

Fitr is a response to a question about what the holidays in Islam the most loved.It marks the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan great.In folk tradition it is called the feast of sweets.As mentioned above, this day is part of the most important celebrations deuce that is Islam.Holidays are called the small and large, of which Fitr - Small.It is called so because it lasts three days, while the celebration of the great feast of Adha - four days.

Fitr celebrations By carefully prepared.Traditionally at this time go to visit.Because many Muslim families prepare treats and decorate their homes.As Christians at Easter, followers of Islam give each other gifts and greeting cards.

other mandatory feature of this holiday - a charity.It is mandatory for the poor and low-income families to collect donations to the holiday did not pass them by.

When it comes time to finish the post, the faithful are called to prayer.In Islamic countries, beat the drums, making announcements on radio and television, fired their guns into the sky, and immediately begins the fun.First of all, a modest meal of dates, juice or milk to break the fast.Ends meal ritual prayer called the Maghreb.All of the following three days, no one is working, not studying.Everyone is having fun, give gifts, they pay a visit to visit friends and relatives.Basically the fun begins on the first day at noon with a gala dinner.After that includes a visit to the cemeteries and pray for the dead, after which all three days of going on general joy and celebration.

Eid al-Adha

Adha - a great celebration, a kind of business card that represents Islam.Holidays Muslims largely confined to the memories of those or other events of sacred history.And Eid al-Adha marks the end of hajj is not just, but is memorable celebrations devoted to the prophet Abraham sacrifice Isaac.The idea of ​​sacrifice the key in this event, so the Muslims slaughter sacrificial animals in his memory.They can be a goat, a cow and even a camel.But most often this role is played by sheep.

Birthday Muhammad

main holidays of Islam, of course, can not do without the birthday of the founder, who is called in Arabic Milad al-Nabi.Traditionally this day is the 12th of the lunar month of Rabi'a Arab surety.Born on the solar calendar (August 20) is not taken into account.Notes it has become at once, but only during the reign of the Abbasid.The sacramental significance of this day is to remember and honor the memory of the prophet, to express their love, devotion and learn from the history of his life useful lessons.

Night ascension

According to Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad one night a mysterious power of God suffered in Jerusalem.Jabr accompanied him Archangel (Gabriel) showed him as heaven and hell, and then brought before the Prophet by Allah in seventh heaven.The result of this revelation was the establishment of prayer - prayer ritual, which every devout Muslim must perform five times a day.It is celebrating the 27th of Rajab.Unlike many other festive dates which is Islam, holidays, birthdays, and the ascension of the night do not provide special fun.While they mostly read verses from the Koran and recited prayers.The Arabic name of the holiday - Laylat al-Mi'raj.

Night of Power

Laylat al-Qadr - a festive night in which he is remembered is the first revelation of the Prophet Muhammad.She said in the holy month of Ramadan on 27 numbers.But in fact this date is conditional, because accurate information about when this event took place, did not survive.Therefore, in case of need, it may be noted in any of the nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.As a rule, the celebration comes to visiting the mosque and praying throughout the night.

Night blessing

This is another special night, which encourages celebrate Islam.Holidays, which are based on traditions of honoring the memory of the prophet's life stories include that night as a special time of prayer for the dead.She said the full moon before the start of Ramadan, on the eve of 15 Sha'ban.The historical basis of this holiday is the time that the Prophet Muhammad spent in prayer, preparing for the post that he had held annually in seclusion.Adherents of Islam believe that in this night, called in Arabic Laylat al-Baraat, Allah gives orders to all living people: who will die, and to whom - to live, to whom sins are forgiven, and on whom will fall a curse, and so forth. In thisnight preparing a special ritual meal and lit candles.

Other holidays listed above

holidays - basic for the Islamic world.They say almost all believe in the same time.But there are events that every family is going through separately.These days are primarily birth, name-giving, and so on. D. Briefly touch on them as well.

Childbirth When a child is born, it is a great joy for the whole family.In the Muslim world, this event has a vibrant religious coloring.First, the child is considered to be the gift of God, and secondly, it immediately initiated into the religion of Islam as follows: first the right ear baby whispering called the adhan, that is the call to prayer, starting with the formula of "Allah Akbar" and thenICAM left ear whispering that is commanded to stand up to prayer.Thus, the first word of a newborn baby in your life has the word "God", which is very important.This is the first initiation into the faith.In the future he will have a number of initiations.

Sacrifice and other holidays

After giving birth is required to bring a gift to God the sacrificial animal - one for girls and two for boys.Meat animals is distributed to the needy and poor.

Islam - a religion whose feast in honor of novrozhdennymi numerous.Additional points are worth noting Tahnik - the anointing of the mouth of babes juice with a wish of good health;Akiko - ritual shaved baby on the seventh day after birth;naming;Hits - circumcised male infant;Bismillah - recitation of the child a special spell-formula from the Koran.

There are other holidays, religious days, painted in a private family life.But their scale is not large enough to dwell on them in this article.