How to make money and how to get a card in the "incentive"?

Okoloigrovye processes in recent years have come to occupy a very important niche in the gaming sector.It is extremely popular variety of achievements, items that start dropping in the game, and many other ways to use computer games not only directly for the process itself, but also for other activities associated with it.And a lot of that you can offer a platform "Steam", which is by far the most popular in the world.Here there are achivki, and its own market for trading items, and most importantly, special collectible cards that are present in many projects.This article will be devoted to this subject.We especially focus on how to get a card in the "incentive", as many gamers underestimate their importance.

Trading Cards

So, if you want to learn how to get a card in the "incentive", then you should first familiarize yourself with the fact that they represent.Every game, which extends through the platform has a number of characteristics that are listed on her page.There may be mentioned, the project is designed for single or multi-user transmission, whether it is on protection from cheats, is it possible to use the controller and so on.Including where you can find out whether this game is involved in the project of trading cards.And if the answer is yes, then you can see that each of these games has a certain set of collectible cards that you can collect in their inventory.Sometimes set may consist of only five cards, and sometimes more than ten.But this is a very small bits of information: it is time to learn about how to get a card in the "incentive".

Drop cards

If you purchased a game that participates in the program of trading cards, it means you need to learn how to get them.There are different ways, but to start, of course, should be the main and most common.How to get the card in the "incentive"?The answer is simple: for this you just need to play specific games.Each project has a certain number of cards that will drop you in inventory at the end of a certain time period of continuous play.For some games it is ten minutes, and there are those in which the period of half an hour.Thus, you only need to spend in a particular game certain amount of time to get the cards available.Unfortunately, you will not be able to collect so complete collection, because this way you Dropped only about half of the total number of cards.Collectible card in the "incentive" has its limits, which will be discussed below.

Limits on cards

As you know, in the game you will not be able to get all the cards at once to create a complete collection.There are unique limits that restrict the number of cards that you get with the help of loot in the game.Trading card in the "incentive" falls in such an amount as to make half the collection.This means that if just a collection of eight cards, then you are out of the game with only four, and among them may be the same.Thus, developers and owners of the platform "Steam" pushing gamers to look for other ways to get cards.And then you learn how to make cards in the "incentive", which you will not have enough for a full collection, as well as how to make these cards a little money.

Booster Pack

Before proceeding to consider how to make the card in the "incentive", it is necessary to draw attention to one feature, about which we should not forget in any case.The fact that the "incentive" there is such a thing as a "booster pack" - a small block of three cards that you can get more.How it works?When you get the maximum number of cards in the game drop, your account is added to the list of those available for the booster pack.And when another gamer KRAFT icon (this will be discussed later), the list of all the gamers who have earned their cards with games, is randomly selected lucky ones who receive three additional cards.And if you've ever wondered about why raise in "incentive" level, partly due to the booster packs.The fact that every ten levels a chance that the booster pack will get to you is increased by twenty percent, ie fifty levels you have already doubled their chances.You already know that the card gives in "incentive," so now you also realize how important it is to raise your level.So you can get much more boosters.

Trading cards

It's time to talk about the fact that they give cards in the "incentive" in addition to a beautiful collection.You already know that the complete collection of loot in the game you will not be able to collect, so you should refer to the market in the "incentive".There you will be able to buy those cards, which are not enough, for real money.The same is available in the opposite direction: you can not spend money and earn them, if you do not want to collect cards for a particular game.You are able to put them up for sale, and the gamers who do not have enough of it, likely to want to buy them for you assigned your price.Thus, you get the opportunity to either earn money on new games, or spend money to complete his collection.Well, now you know why you need the card in the "incentive" in financial terms.

exchange cards with friends

Of course, when you know you have so many, including those that make the card in the "incentive", as they buy and sell, you can go on and on.The fact is that finding the right cards you can easily see that next to some of them icon appears with the avatar of any of your friends.This means one of two things: either your friend wants a card that is available to you, or he has a card that you are looking for.And then you can get in touch with him and agree on equivalent exchange or ask him to sell you a card cheaper or even give it to you.Thus, you will be able to use a lot of friends in the "incentive" for their own purposes, as well as to help these friends, if you will have the cards they need.So you can get the cheapest card in "incentive," as soon as possible to complete their collection.

Special cards

You can find the cheapest card in the "incentive", but sometimes you can notice that certain variants of the cards cost much more than others.They differ from all of the fact that they have a silver frame.Most often, gamers call them FOIL-cards, because in English they have such a name - foil cards.How do they differ from conventional cards?First, they are much more rare, so you are likely to get somewhere in a FOIL-card to fifty ordinary, and it is only in the best case.That is why they are sometimes extremely expensive from a few tens of cents to five to seven dollars.Thus, by selling such a card, you will be able to afford one or even a few new ones.Metal cards in the "incentive" - ​​is a rarity, so the icon that you crafted with them, will be the most prestigious.And since we are talking about the icons, it is worth looking at them in more detail.

icons in the "incentive"

in the user profile "Steam" you might not have time to notice a variety of bright and colorful icons.Where did they come from?Quite simply, they are also closely associated with trading card.So, when you collect a complete collection of cards for a particular game, you can leave them in your inventory and admire them.But there is another option - one crafted icon that will give you a certain amount of experience to raise your level of "incentive".And of course, you can put the icon on display in your profile.Among other things, you get a random background and emoticon from the collection of games, and in some cases, a discount coupon for certain games related to this.As you can see, the icon - this is a very useful thing, so you may well collect cards is to collect not them, and icons as they are much steeper.

Improvement icons

As you know, repeated card, which means that you can own just more of the same cards.Why do you need it?Naturally, you have the right as soon as possible to get rid of povtorok, earning money for themselves.But if you plan to collect cards to create the icon, then do not rush to sell povtorki they still need you.The fact that the icon you get after crafting may seem most impressive.And it is quite logical, because in fact, there are five levels for each game icons.And in order to increase the level icon, you will need to re-assemble a collection of cards completely.That is why you should not hurry to part with povtorkami if you plan to collect badges.Each new level icon gives you more experience, additional background and emoticon and improves the appearance of the icon.

program for loot cards

Finally, we should also talk about special programs that are collectors cards.If you are familiar with how the cards fall in the "incentive", then you must understand that to get all the available objects, you will need to install a lot of games and spend them in a while.Naturally, it is not every gamer has the time.For this and come up with a program such as Idle Master.The essence of this program is that you can turn it on and get the card, without wasting time on installation and gameplay.First you need to download and install the program.Then you run it and observe two necessary conditions.First, you need to include "Steam", that he was working in parallel with the program.Secondly, you need to log in to this program through its client "Steam", that took place between the connection and the program has access to your customer.That's all, and after that the real magic begins.

process of obtaining the cards

If you installed the program and put all the settings, all the conditions, then you should see the number of games in which there are still nedropnutye cards, as well as directly to the sheer number of cards.Further on you do not need anything.Leave the program running, and themselves can go to bed, go on business and so on.At this time, your computer will automatically be set up and run the necessary games, they will hang in the background right amount of time, and then closed and removed.You do not spend it without a second of his free time, but get all the cards, which will be accessible through a drop.