How to lose weight at home: tips, techniques, advice

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, slim figure.But often incorrect, unbalanced composition of diet, sedentary lifestyle common to many office workers, and a permanent employment cases families do not allow enough time to give their appearance.But sooner or later, all these factors are felt overweight at the waist and hips.You have lost confidence, deteriorating overall health because obesity, even the most mild, provoking problems with the gastrointestinal tract, with the pressure: it can be both increased and decreased.Also, people who are overweight, often there is a high level of blood cholesterol, heart problems - the list is endless.Of course, you can say that newfangled diet you do not have time and money, and trips to the gym and take away precious hours that you could spend with your family, plus a subscription to the more or less decent fitness can significantly empty your wallet.But the output is still there: how to properly lose weight at home, read our article.We consider a number of methods and diets that will not take much of your time, but will give an excellent result, even after a short time - a week or two, and we will share with you some tricks that make extra weight every day will leave your body.Sounds great, does not it?

How to lose weight at home: a list of tips for every day

These guidelines will help you to gradually get rid of excess weight, and most importantly - to tune the result.Remember that although many miracle diets promise you a loss of 5-7 kg in just one week, when they are used there is a risk both to undermine their health and get dumped kgs back.After all, sudden weight loss - it is always stressful for the body, and, after finishing the diet, you can never predict how your body will behave when you return to a normal diet.

Ways to lose weight at home:

1. Follow the daily routine and eating regime.This seemingly simple advice, few use it.After all, the rhythm of life is quite unpredictable at times, pausing at work to finish a report or project, we often reward yourself abundant and late dinner.Learn to control your appetite and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a strictly certain hours.At the same time the last meal should be at least 4 hours before bedtime.

2. Do not drink alcohol.We all know that alcohol (all its forms) is very high in calories.Moreover, during or after its use often comes very strong, uncontrollable appetite.To avoid these side effects, what to say, alcoholic beverages harmful in itself, it is best to completely abandon their use.The maximum that you can afford the holidays, it's a couple of glasses of dry wine.

3. Use exercise equipment at hand, for example, a hoop or rope.To do this, you do not need to go to the gym, because this kind of fitness requires very little space, and equipment worth a penny.For example, you can turn the hoop, thereby forming a thin waist, while watching your favorite show.Just half an hour a day, and after 2-3 weeks the results will be visible to all.

4. Change the dishes from which you consume food.Everyone knows the effect of a "full plate" when a child we used to impose their own food to the extent that it can fill the entire dish.And now a little trick: to dish was full, and a portion was quite small, just take the dishes less than half the one you usually use.After a while you are surprised to see that it is able to load and small portions.

5. It is also very helpful to keep a diary of weight loss.Even if you never accuses himself graphomania, yet to control the calories consumed is very useful to write down everything that you eat and drink.Then you can clearly monitor and how much you drink pure water (scientists recommend to use up to 8 glasses of fluid a day), and the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in foods, as well as closely monitor the energy value of the diet.Maybe at first it will be difficult to take notes every day, but after a while it will become the norm.Analyzing your own notes as well as your weight at different stages of keeping a diary, you can develop a strategy of how to lose weight at home.By the way, newfangled phenomenon has recently become photographing elements of their diet.It can also help keep track of what you eat.

6. Also slimming you can enjoy a variety of cosmetic products are not necessarily expensive, which will help you improve the skin of the body, tone and give it a healthy appearance.Of course, only the creams do not help you get rid of excess fat or cellulite, but will definitely not be superfluous.Also, you can prepare your own coffee scrub, this sleeping ground coffee mix with your favorite shower gel and use as a normal like.Already after the first treatment, you will notice that your skin has acquired a tone, radiance, has become smooth and velvety.

7. Instead of charging doing household chores.Yes, washing dishes and cleaning the carpets vacuumed also help burn calories.Even if you are doing the work every day, and it has become a routine for you, take a look at it in a new way.And now washing floors will be for you not hateful duty and a full fitness.

8. Eliminate from the diet of bad food.If it is very difficult, it can be done gradually.If you are used every day to eat a bar of chocolate, it is half a portion of today will give you less calories compared to what you ate yesterday.The main thing - consistency.Reduce portions every day, continuously, for at least a week.Also, instead of fat yogurt or low-fat milk, go to or even low-fat options, it is possible instead of the sweet treat yourself marshmallow, honey or fruit candy.A well-liked chicken tobacco substitute boiled chicken breast.Thus you will greatly reduce the number of calories and lose weight.

9. Do not eat lying down or standing.No, you do not get problems with digestion, if you eat food in bed.But in this situation the amount eaten is greater, especially if you watch TV or surf the Internet.They also say that "costing more fit," sounds paradoxical, but it's true.Therefore, the food is consumed, sitting at a table in a relaxed atmosphere, highlighting yourself to lunch or dinner at least 20 minutes without calls, internet and other irritants.

10. Take a bath, but not simple, and, for example, popular now, soda or turpentine.For more recipes of their preparation can be found in women's magazines.

At first glance, tips on how to lose weight at home are very simple.Their observance requires a lot of money, and can often do save.Home, remember that your health and figure depends on you.And how well you practice its strategy of weight loss depends on the final result.

How to lose weight quickly at home

Who of us did not have a short time to bring the figure in order, for example, for a birthday, holiday, and so on?When you have left only 5-7 days, choose not particularly necessary, all means are good.There are diets that help get rid of the extra kilos in a few days, and although their application often face health problems, you can still try the diet, "ladder", designed for 5 days, or kefir-cucumber diet also 5 or7 midnevny or buy a miracle-suitcase "Lose Weight in a Week", which, though not cheap (about 700-800 rubles per year), but it helps to throw off from 2 to 5 kg of body weight per week.But remember that a consistent reduction in weight, as well as the transition to a healthy lifestyle in general - is much more efficient and better for your health.Let you and get rid of the required number of kilograms for a longer period than the promise of diet, but your body will be healthy, strong and beautiful, without a gram of excess fat.It is this, which you have always dreamed of.Be aware that if someone could get better and slimmer, make sure you can you.