Types of Shares

securities market is constantly evolving.Promotions are one of the most common types of them.In turn, they are divided into different types of shares.

In the Russian practice actions appeared in the late 80's with the release of the first actions of labor collectives.They began to produce the state, collective, rental businesses and public organizations.Then they were a special certificate of registration of private funds for perpetual basis to aid in the development of production.So the workers tried to interest the idea of ​​social management.Such shares are not intended for circulation in the market in a free form.Concept and types of shares not yet allocated.

On the other hand various businesses subordination, partnerships, banks and business associations have already started to issue shares of their own companies, intended for legal entities.These are the shares to be sold in the secondary market.But while interest in them was very low.

Today, different types of shares are increased attention

interested in them.Now the shares are issued not only in paper but also in book-entry form.Documentary stocks may be replaced by a certificate.If full payment of all securities shareholder may receive one certificate for all the acquired shares.

Types of shares and their characteristics.Depending on the installed them about types of ownership of shares and the distinguished name of the bearer.According to the law "On Joint Stock Companies", all the papers of the company must be registered.Law "On the Securities Market" gives the right to issue bearer shares at a specific ratio defined by the Federal Commission for the Securities Market regulations.

Registered .Their owner has to be officially registered in a special register.In the case of resale of such shares necessarily include data of the new owners.Such shares are used to analyze the structure of shareholders in order to encourage them or vice versa to attract foreign investment.

vankulirovannye allocated among registered shares can be transferred to other owners only if the permit issuer.It is necessary to control the composition of the shareholders in order to protect the financial independence of the issuer.

bearer .They changed hands after the actual transfer easy.

Depending on the size of the potential income these securities are divided into the following types of shares.

Preferred (preferential).They give the right to receive income on a priority basis in the form of dividends, as well as for priority participation in the processes of the division of property of the company in case of liquidation.They do not give any right of casting vote in cases relating to the conduct of affairs of the company.

These shares are cumulative (in unstable financial condition of the company's dividends accumulate on them and can be issued only after the improvement of financial position);revocable or recurrent (that corporation may repurchase upon the occurrence of special circumstances, for which the owners of securities shall be paid an increased bonus).

Ordinary .Income on them depends on the size of the profits of the company, its strategy and other factors.Ordinary shares may be non-voting, with voting rights, with limited voting rights slave.

Since the joint-stock companies are open and closed , the different types of shares and on this basis.The difference lies in the fact that the shares can be sold by their owners without the consent of other shareholders, and shares of JSC - only after a corresponding agreement.In addition, the Company issued shares only in the form of a closed issue.They do not offer for the acquisition of the general public.JSC may hold and open and closed issues.

Shares are divided into placed and declared .Placed called securities already acquired certain shareholders, the announcement - issued in addition to the placement.