Service of computers - Tips for beginners

«How long have you reinstall the system?" - I know from experience that this is the first question asked by the master computer.Did you know that it is possible to significantly reduce the number of calls such masters that make computer service?You do not have to be a "monster" computer technology and programming skills is also not necessary.All that is required from you, so it's a little to understand how to operate a computer, well, follow the steps below.

  • install updates on Windows

Surprisingly, on whether there are all critical updates to the system it depends largely on how long and how much will seamlessly work PC.Why is this important?OS - is the cornerstone of the system.From that, if it works correctly, will depend on the performance of other programs, including such important ones as antivirus, firewall, and other

to do the upgrade, you have two ways.You can turn on Automatic Updates in Control Panel (or in the properties of the system by clicking on the desktop, right-click "My Comp

uter" - Properties and selecting updates).The second way - to download the official and unofficial patches - service pack.For XP - is service pack 1-3, as well as amateur-built preSP4.For Windows 7 - SP1.

  • clean computer

Actually - cleaning the computer topic for another article.How can you maintain your computer to make it fit?Defragment disks.

Try to keep the disk with the system free for at least 20%.But how?Clean from time to time the folder temp.This can be done manually, find the folder the folder C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local Settings \ Temp c: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Local (in Win 7 - the names of the folders: \ Users \ username \ Local Settings\ Temp c: \ Users \ username \ Local).But it is easier to download a program like CCleaner.

Clean the old restore points (property of the disk - clear - in addition - System Restore - clean), remove the folder like $ NtUninstallKB935146 $ folder windows.Clean the browser cache.

  • Create a restore point

this way you can always restore the system after the failed experiments or installing any program not particularly friendly.And so you will be able to protect themselves from their own mistakes and err.

  • install new drivers.

drivers depends on the freshness and speed, and stability.Speaking of stability - to ensure that it does not put the driver labeled beta.This can be done with the help of programs like SlimDrivers or manually by viewing the sites of producers details of your PC.

  • Use proven program.

Do not attempt to install and test all the programs in the world.Stay on the most popular.Believe me, their popularity is well-deserved.Especially it rocks programs soershayut service computers.

  • correctly remove the program.

Every time you want to uninstall the program, go to the Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs."In the list box, select the program you want to remove.Select it and click click on the "delete".This is important, otherwise it will be a lot of garbage registry keys that will slow down the work.By the way, this has already been discussed in a separate topic.

  • Install antivirus and firewall.

Because viruses often have to reinstall the system, which instantly became unmanageable.Check stick friends.If you are connected to the Internet - be sure to install a firewall.You can also use the built-in Windows tools: Firewall Windows.

Soviets, as you can see not much, but following them will prolong the time of effective work at the computer.