The famous actor Konstantin Kostyshin

Since 1991, on the stage appearances famous actor - Konstantin Kostyshin.His biography is hidden from prying eyes.Therefore, on Kostyshin almost nothing is known.Constantine is fully committed to work on the stage.Cinema and theater have become an integral part of his life.Until now, the actor in films and serials, and combines his work with the theater: "I can not imagine my life without a scene.The viewer, I give all of himself.This is my favorite profession and I will deal with it until recently, "- K. Kostyshin.Viewers

he is familiar for her role in the TV series "Return of Mukhtar".Thanks to this film they liked Constantine and experienced with him the destiny Innocent Sadowski, who appeared on the TV screen until the eighth season.


Kostyshin Konstantin Yakovlevich was born in 1965, on 15 October.His parents do not know anything, because Constantine does not give interviews on this topic.As a child, he studied at the drama school named.A. Gaidar under the direction of Novoselskogo.From an early age he wanted to fly on a military plane and was about to enroll in flight school.However, in the 9th grade I received a very serious injury to the eye.After a complex operation doctors unanimously declared that the dream of becoming a pilot is not true.

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After graduation Constantine Kostyshin is tried in the Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts.Karpenko-Kary.From the first time he did not pass, so I got a job at a factory lathe operator.A year is tried again to go to college and passes.In 1989 he finishes his studies.

drafted into the army after graduation.After serving two years back and devotes himself to the theater.

filmography actor

Kostyshin Konstantin Y. appeared on television in 1995.From that point it is often invited to play in a movie.For 20 years he appeared in 60 films and television series.The most popular actor and love of the audience deserved after came the series "Return of Mukhtar", where he played the role of Innocent Sadowski (forensic).

short list of well-known films, which starred actor Konstantin Kostyshin
name role Released
«Love Island» guy from the coffee shop 1995
«Under the roofs of the big city" Andrew Young 2002
«Return of Mukhtar» Sadowski Innocent 2005
«I love you to death» Oleg Ryabtsev 2007
«Brother for Brother-2" Doctor Nikolai 2012

actor does not stop and continues to act in films.

Jobs Constantine theater

After returning from the Army Konstantin Kostyshin two years working in the studio.And in 1991, he arranged the Kiev State Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy "on the left bank" under the leadership of EMMitnitskoy.

engaged in almost all the plays and very often gets the leading role.

most famous role K.Kostyshina
Performance Author role Year
«Today, I'll be the woman» A. SALYNSKY Bob 1991
«Murlin Murlo" N. Kolyada Alex 1991
«Princess Caprice» S. Tsypin Soldier 1993
«Oh Du Lieber Augustin ...» P. Enzikat Swineherd 2001
«Romeo and Juliet» William Shakespeare Peter 2005
«Tom Sawyer» J. Stelmach MEF Potter 2009

It is farnot the whole list of his roles.Total Kostyshin Constantine played in 37 performances.

Life actor

Constantine Kostyshin his future wife met in Belarus at the theater festival.Anna Tambov so liked the performance of Constantine that she herself decided to come and meet you.Young at first glance to understand that they can not live without each other.Between them there was a whirlwind romance.Soon Constantine and Anna were married and became parents after.

So far, the actors together and bring up her only child.

biography wife

Constantine Constantine's wife - Anna Tambov - was born in 1983, on 30 July.From his childhood dream of becoming an actress, and for her dreams came to the theater department of Kharkiv University of Arts.Kotlyarevskii.She graduated from the university and come to grips with acting.

In 2002, Anna worked as an actress Regional Drama Theater.I. poker.And since 2008 he cooperates with the "Theatre on Podil."

famous as Anna Tambov
name role Year
«Return of Mukhtar-3» Lisa 2006
«Right to hope» Christine 2008
«The abduction of the goddess» Anna 2010
«The General's daughter in law» Svetlana 2013
«Kill twice» Anastasia 2013
«House with lilies" Natalia 2014

act in films Anna began in 2006.All in all an actress 17 films that make it widely known.

Instead of conclusion ...

first years of stage work were given to Constantine with difficulty.Work on the new texts was quite difficult.However, the actor was determined to conquer the stage and worked on a day-to-day.His efforts went only for the benefit of, the actor has become easier to adapt and get used to new productions, scripts and projects.He enjoyed coming to work every idea or show initiative.

Today Constantine continues to delight audiences with their new roles both on stage and in film.