If you work with the Pope.

Some tips for those who found work at the parent company

Do not conduct explanatory conversations that you're not going to be frank with his superiors over his colleagues.

should not cause people to trust the conversation.

Do not try to be "their" man by critics management or story details the personal lives of the people with whom you have close contact.

It can only hurt.Discretion and tact will enable faster to achieve success in such a delicate matter as to gain the confidence of employees, already pre-configured in relation to you spitefully and suspiciously.

determine the course of action will help you all the same observation.If the team adopted an informal tone of communication, do not behave in a tight and demanding excessive piety towards themselves.

If, on the other hand, adopted more rigorous and businesslike style are not welcome playfulness, lightness and frivolous tone, then you need to act accordingly.

In any case, it should make it clear to colleagues that you are willing to cooperate, that is not going to require special treatment for themselves or work easier and more interesting when there is a choice.

For fast and successful adaptation of "child of the authorities' need to observe the rule: do not show other members of his close relationship with the management.

Try in front of other employees not to go to the boss's office without knocking, showing that you have that right.Especially if everyone knows that the boss is busy.

In no case do not call it in the presence of colleagues by name, if others refer to him only by name.

There are companies where managers and staff are young, and all turn to each other, "with no middle name."Leaders in these cases, considers that such a positive impact on the democratic spirit of the collective state, improves the atmosphere and contributes to the quality of work.

If the company where you have got, is in this spirit of "freedom and equality", adheres to the style of communication.But in this case should not, for example, to call the boss abbreviated name, which in the course of your life is in communication.Such familiarity you can undermine its credibility and hurt yourself in the eyes of colleagues.

Others may conclude that a demonstration of the proximity to the authorities is undertaken to you with only one purpose - to make it clear to others that you are in a special position.

Never in the absence of the leaders do not take responsibility for solving any problems that are beyond your competence.You may not realize that you have the right to do, because you are aware of all cases.

This also applies to telephone conversations, and signing documents, and any other actions that are the responsibility of management.Rather, decision-making powers in such situations are endowed with certain employees: secretaries, assistants or other experts who study the issue.His amateur can only restore the employees against themselves.

many cases where because of the inability to behave properly and promptly be sensitive, exacerbated relations in the team, and people were forced to resign from his job.

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