The levels of language proficiency: Do you realize in another country

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In the above article describes the main possible levels of language proficiency.If you have some knowledge in this area, but you have no idea, what is your level really is as set out below - for you!

Language Level A1

You can understand and use in their own speech, some familiar words, expressions and phrases necessary for certain specific tasks.For example, you are able to be provided, to ask and give answers to simple questions, you can keep a simple conversation.Provided that your opponent says, the phrase clearly and slowly.Actually, this is a basic knowledge of foreign languages.

Proficiency A2

Now you can find some suggestions, as well as those expressions are very often you meet.As a rule, they are related to the main areas of human life: work, family, shopping, residence, recreation, hobbies, and so on.You are able to exchange simple information within the familiar household.

levels of foreign language B1 and B2

Actually, this is the middle stage in your training.You are far from perfect, but already fully understands the main ideas of clear, articulated in the literary language.Available targeting the topics regularly encountered at work, leisure, learning, and so on.Degree Languages ​​Intermediate usually means that you can already communicate in situations that regularly arise or may arise during their stay in the country of the target language: specify the path to a particular area of ​​the city, order service, to pay for goods in a shop in the hotel to booknumber and so on.At this point you should be able to make enough already linked within the meaning of posts on the well-known and popular topics, describe their personal impressions, aspirations, thoughts and opinions, to argue own opinion on different events.

levels Languages ​​With

Not quite free language learning.However, now quite arbitrary.You have already catch the idea of ​​complex texts on very specific or abstract topics.Available to you highly specialized texts.You are able to speak quickly and spontaneously for regular communication with native language is spoken.At the same time without experiencing any difficulties.At this point, you already know how to make a very clear and detailed reports on a variety of topics, to express his personal opinion on certain issues, point out the advantages and disadvantages of different arguments and arguments.

the highest level of foreign language

you close to perfection!Now you are able to speak with someone quickly, without thinking about the construction of supply and choice of words.Language use in your sufficiently flexible and effective to communicate in scientific and professional fields.You are free to speak spontaneously and with a high rate, thus emphasizing the emotional shades.