"Why are you silent?" - "Silence - gold ..."

It is known that in the time of ancient Greece to everyone in school of Pythagoras offers the first two years to take place in silence."For what?" - You ask.Silence - gold.The silence - silence is not only around you, but within you.When at rest the "ego", the voice of the soul - our divine origin. Folk wisdom "silence - Gold»

among thousands of proverbs and sayings of different nations of the world will be found the wisdom of calling no longer remain silent and to be careful with words.One of them - "The word - silver, silence - gold»: Speech is silvern, silence the IS golden (Eng.); Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold (it.);La parole est d'argent et le silence est d'or (fr.);La parola è d'argento, il silenzio è d'oro (ital.).It is difficult to say why this expression sounds identically in different languages.We can only speculate and guess.This, undoubtedly, a consequence of the mutual influence of the European cultures and that human nature remains the same at all times.People on all continents, think and feel, ultimately the same because, in spite of the different conditions of life, dissimilar circumstances and experiences, we all come to the same truth.Finally, the majority of figurative expressions in European languages ​​are a complete carbon copy of the Latin version.Thus, the "silence - gold" in Latin sounds like «Silentium aurum est».That's where the expression has taken its roots.

silence - gold or emptiness?

around so much hustle and bustle, the words "peace" and "silence" a little forgotten.We listen and talk, communicate, someone to discuss, debate.About whom, what and why - we immediately forget.Thousands of thoughts, millions of gigabytes of information ... This flow is endless, and it seems it is already impossible to appease.He quickly rushes past us, leaving no trace.And if you still silent for a moment and listen to the silence?Peace, silence and serenity.Everything falls into place.Paints not rampage.Sounds of silence slowly and eloquent.They harmoniously into one another and turn into words, but completely different.These words are light, airy and at the same time stiffen inside, turn into lumps and remain forever.They tell us about ourselves, about love, about the world of eternity ... It - it's true.They - this creative energy, and the energy is known to spread silently and passes through all the obstacles.So silent, silent, do not say.Look for silence and depth.There are many hidden and everything is possible ... "And how is that possible?" - You ask.We all have a family, work colleagues, acquaintances, friends with whom, perhaps, many have not seen, but regularly communicate in social networks or by phone.Even if a miracle happens, phone and computer are disabled, the family - in the country, and the long-awaited silence, it does not mean that peace will come inside.On the contrary, on the horizon will be a huge flow of thoughts and feelings, and he is not ready to leave you alone with yourself.With it the most difficult to cope.But it is difficult does not mean impossible.Silence as a spiritual practice known since ancient times.This vow of silence and seclusion in the woods and mountains, in order to fast and pray in complete alienation from the outside world.But this extreme form.Modern man to comprehend the wisdom of "silence - Gold" can help Orthodox prayers, eastern meditation, yoga, spiritual development of the various seminars and so on.As they say - that the closer the heart, and helps to open ...