How to learn English to anyone

important part of the modern world is considered to be the teaching of foreign languages.There are schools and courses are individual lessons with native language training is done remotely and via webinars.The leading role is played, of course, the English language.And often there is a lack of understanding how to learn English.

Whatever was the one of the learning process, no internal motivation and awareness goals should the results will not be achieved.Still it is necessary to explain to yourself what is more important: oral and written English skills.But the author's programs do different emphasis: somewhere in the leading role given to grammar, where a bet on the spoken version of the language.

from the first moment it is necessary to abandon the senseless learning words without context.Yes, increase vocabulary in this way you can, but learn to use the word - no.One word can have several meanings, which depend on the situation.Because proposals should be taught, not only words.Common phrases will help support the elementary dialogue, proverbs or sayings discover new words and their meaning.

studying the language by practicing the phrase, you can understand and grammar.There will be no need to regularly study the rules "from easy to difficult."Visually memorable sentence structure.

correct approach for the study of the written version of the language is considered to be reading books in the original.Pick up should be based on existing knowledge and skills.Books also increase vocabulary and allow "feel out" the structure of the language.

to learn how to converse in English, the book will not help.It is important not theoretical or printed base, and the practical and oral.If possible, it is to talk, but it is still important to hear the competent English language.Classic spoken English and simplified version of the US should be studied, despite not dubbed foreign films.Also coming to the aid of English-language songs.

English as a foreign language, it is not a thrill rush.Therefore, true pay study about an hour each day than a day to sit long on the books, dictionaries and movies.Repetition of words, phrases learned is an essential aspect.It is possible to make only verbally, but you can listen to your recording spoken words or sentences, mentally repeating them.

Proper learning English involves a combination of practice and theory, written and verbal skills.And do not be afraid to talk, afraid of bugs, then gradually become almost native English.