Doevnegrechesky god Pluto

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According to the ancient Greek poet Hesiod, who lived in the VIII century BC, the god of the underworld Pluto was what is called a difficult childhood.Immediately after birth he was eaten by his own dad - god Kronos time.We can not say that he was just too ingrained villain and did not like children, no, he just was predicted that one of his sons born to his legal wife Rhea, one day overthrow him and sit on the reign.So he took reasonable, in his view, measures.

Brothers gods divided the world among themselves

How Pluto managed to be back in this world - it's hard to say.Agree, because not everyone happens to visit not only in the womb, but also his father.But all ended well, and reached adulthood, he and his brothers - Zeus and Poseidon, took part in the division of the world.By the way, a child god Pluto was named Hades, and his real name was only in the V century.

this section was preceded by a severe struggle with other contenders for world domination - six brothers, the Titans and their six sisters-Titanides.So fight Pluto and his brothers had the superior forces of the enemy.But they won, and as a result everyone got their share of the universe.Pluto-Hades got the underworld, it is the same - the realm of the dead.Boss, he was very welcoming, and there was no case to someone refused to let in their possession.Here are just back from him one back.

god of fertility and groundwater resources

But not all so gloomy and sad.Pluto God of the Greek, and later on Roman mythology - god of the underworld and more wealth and fertility.It was in his possession placed numerous placer precious stones and metals, and from the earth grows everything then decorates our tables.Wealth had to watch these, and Pluto was personally involved in this, do not trust anyone as a responsible business, for which he received from the Greeks honor, respect, and sacrifice in the form of black bulls.

Forced (and not only) absences Pluto

However, sometimes Pluto - god of the underworld - left their possession, and raised to the surface.But I must say, anyone not pleased by their appearance, like the one he did so with the sole purpose - to carry away in his fiefdom next victim.Exceptions were only his "inspection" attacks - check whether somewhere in the land of random cracks through which can penetrate underground light beam.It is not like the owner of such liberties.However, even then the evil tongues asserted that Pluto, a secret from his wife Persifony were on the ground some hobbies.Well none of our business - we will not gossip.

usually leaves the god Pluto extremely impressive.He raced in the quartet of black horses harnessed to the chariot.Rules he stood upright, holding the reins in one hand and in the other - dvuzubets that hit any obstacles encountered on the way.Incidentally, his lawful wife he kidnapped and brought during one such trip.Somewhere Persephone careless (or pretended to) - and suddenly found herself in the underworld.But, to his credit, the relations legitimized and made her queen of fertility.


very poetically describe the kingdom of god Pluto Greek poets.From them we learn that there flows the famous river Styx dead, through which passes the old Charon boat souls of the dead, and there originates a source called Summers, who, coming to the surface, plunges into the oblivion of all life.In this kingdom, which does not penetrate no ray of light, the dark field Aida eternally covered with wild tulips, and above them the sad rustling worn souls of the dead.Their moans like crying autumn wind.

terrible denizen of the underworld - three-headed dog Cerberus - protects the kingdom of god Pluto.His appearance is terrible.On the neck of the monster, hissing snake twists and toothy mouth ready to devour anyone who disturb the peace of the dungeon.He admits all, but no one has not let go of this world, where there is neither joy nor sorrow.

Society underworld

According to all of the same poets who all made out so well in the kingdom, where there is not a single ray of light, the society there is quite plentiful.In the center, on a golden throne, seated god Pluto and his wife Persephone, and are located at the foot of the judge Minos and Rhadamanthus.Hovers over the heads of seated, spread their black wings, the god of death, Thanatos.In his hands, smashing his sword, and next - his inseparable companion Kery gloomy virgin spirits of death.

Here, as servants, the goddess of vengeance of the Furies, and next to them - a young handsome man with a handful of poppy heads in their hands.This young god Hypnos name.He knows how to make a drink out of the poppy, which plunges into a dream and the people and the gods.However, this does not surprise us.Complementing the three-headed goddess Recas society with their constant companions - ghosts and monsters.It is also sometimes rises to the surface and, walking through the night, sending people nightmares.

immortal gods of Olympus

Centuries passed, replaced the ancient Greek Hades came to the Roman god Pluto.Over time, he has sunk into oblivion, and Paganism gave way to true faith.But all the same charm our ears the legend of the ancient inhabitants of Olympus, such as immortal as the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, the sound of which they were born.