Student signs.

In 21st century.Space stations and satellites travel through the near-Earth space, and we still believe in omens, continues to spit over the left shoulder, and shy away from black cats."So what?" - You might say.You are right.Oh, so we, the people, are arranged.Always in my heart we are waiting for a miracle and a little bit of something supernatural.Is there now a student signs and superstitions?Yes, there are, and many believe in them.This is particularly evident prior to the session.

matter how well you were not prepared for the exam, at the time it is always an element of chance and the indispensable excitement.What to luck on the exam?And what you can not do?Let's talk about this.

About sinister meeting with black cats and their fellow citizens, hurrying to meet in the morning with empty buckets, known to all.As for the cat, then in any case should not be allowed to run across the treacherous animal you the way!Surely it will do it with malice.Student superstition rarely deceived!According to statistics, it is known that 50% of these meetings end with "unsatisfactory".Therefore, if you do not have time, typing speed, run around it, it is better turn back and go through the adjacent lane.

And that harmful neighbor met with an empty bucket, it is necessary to spit three times over your left shoulder and say, at least once, "Chur me!" You know?

known that the signs of students tested life.Therefore, there is nothing to expect that you pull one of the three learned tickets if refueled bed in the morning, washed, brushed my teeth and went to the exam in the new jeans.And if we shave?Remember to wash and shave in the session can only be as a last resort!As for new things, then the session should forget about them.

The fact that under the heel of the right foot should be put penny, you know?It is understood that a fairly large piece of Soviet times, which went to the exam our mothers and grandmothers.How many "fives" were obtained thanks to her!It is transmitted by heredity!Yes, the ticket must be taken necessarily with his left hand, while trying to stand on his left leg.

But the most favorite student signs of all time - it's catching, "Freebies" and binding promise to wish you a "No fluff, no pen!" To the devil.And best of all features.It is more reliable.Catching the "free" - not difficult, but it gives a good result.How to fish?Took out a record book, open it on the desired page and bring to the open window pane, or shouting "Free services, Catching!"When she caught quickly fold the record book and her loyalty to tie a cord or thread.It can only shoot at the entrance to the examination room.

can make a wish by rubbing the nose or paw of the bear, which stands opposite the Central Department Store in our town.Checked.It Helps.Perhaps in other cities have similar "happy" pictures of animals or humans.

Many student signs associated with some things mascot.This can be a treasured shirt, blouse or something else.If you are sure that this thing will bring you good luck, wear it.This will give you peace of mind.

can not be half-way back.But if you still had, certainly a look at yourself in the mirror.These students have a grain of truth signs!

Ask relatives and friends in every way and as much as possible to scold you.This belief has come to us from time immemorial, and they say, works best.

Someone is trying to put his head under the notes and textbooks in the hope that knowledge alone will pave his way to the storeroom of memory.If it does not interfere with sleep, you can try.Though as it happens, is not clear.It's better to write the material on the disc and go to bed wearing headphones and turning on the player.

Another good sign: time to write cheat sheet on topics in which you are not so strong.The longer the crib, the better.

put a candle in the church and crossed when leaving the house, too, will be superfluous.However, this does not refer to signs and in more serious things.But if you are a believer, do not hesitate to do it.

Signs in some extent allow to cope with anxiety and uncertainty in the forces.But to rely on them completely impossible.With experience and age, you, obviously, forget about them.Well, while they may be your assistants.No fluff you a leg!