Russian MBA programs first received European accreditation

similar situation with MBA programs, giving a degree of "Master of Business Administration" (aka «Master of Business Administration»).This is reinforced by the extent of state diploma on obtaining additional education to higher economic-management model.Since 2000, ie since the beginning of the all-Russian experiment with MVA, a rare institution or training center different format does not use this quaint acronym MVA.Chelovechestvo long ago developed the methods of protection against low-quality, low-skilled workers.European 'guild community "takes into its ranks only those" masters "who have been the most serious test of skill and acquired skills, appropriate global standards.So, in order to fight for the conformity of the project management program «Master of Business Administration» European Foundation for Management Development (efmd - european fund of management development) introduced strict accreditation of training programs not only European countries, but also of the entire world community.Under the auspices of EFMD established the European system of accreditation of training programs (short EPAS - european programme accredited system).For a short time, the European Union set up a system of accreditation, namely the EPAS, has gained a strong authoritative position and entered the Quartet internationally recognized accreditation systems, which include those AASSB, EQUIS, EPAS / EFMD, AMBA.From the Russian MBA programs only a few have been accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA UK).Among them are such well-known MBA programs as VSHMB MBA, MBA IBDA, MIRBIS MBA, MBA School of Management at St. Petersburg State University.However, none of the Russian MBA program has not received so far accredited EPAS, which is essentially an accredited European Union.Only this year, EPAS accreditation was awarded first national MBA program.This program was the MBA program "Finance" of the Higher School of Finance and Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

Equally significant for the Russian business education event - the result of a grand hard work of teachers and students SHFM RANHiGS throughout the entire period of existence of the business school.Date of the beginning of its official existence - in 1996.The commission of experts EPAS, formed of representatives of different countries, visiting SHFM in October 2010, praised the quality of Russian MBA "Finance", calling it "a brilliant example of a balance of academic and administrative methods of teaching, students develop the ability to make effective management decisions."The MBA program "Finance" is designed for functional managers of top and middle management.Its duration - two years.To become listeners of the program, applicants undergo a competitive selection.The important role played by previous education.As the entrance examinations applicants write an essay, pass an interview with the program manager and director.On average, one of the two students is becoming a student of the MBA program "Finance" SHFM.European experts have confirmed that such requirements to potential listeners "adequate MBA program."Statistics show that more than 80 percent of the MBA "Finance" significant progress up the career ladder and improved their professional status.In the first year of the MBA program "Finance", students learn discipline, allowing to overcome the so-called "diagnostic phase".In the second year they learn the technology and algorithms with which learn to develop alternative scenarios for the development of business, evaluate them, including the investment.Foreign experts with interest the SHFM used in the structure of the educational process, the "core" of which is the final project being developed by a group of students (3-4) on the example of a real company.The experts recognized that "the central role of the project - from the diagnosis to the financial assessment of various scenarios - provides an approach largely corresponds to the needs of the enterprise" and congratulated SHFM with "quality design of the program."Theoretical foundations of education in the MBA program "Finance" are based on foreign textbooks translated into Russian.The training discusses the Western and Russian cases.I received during the examination and approval of a wide range of methods to assess the knowledge and skills of students.To improve the efficiency of the educational process in the MBA "Finance", the School actively uses the concept of mix-method, based on a combination of traditional and innovative teaching methods, including: group and individual work, practical exercises, the decision of cases, discussion of real-world case studies, trainingand creative teaching methods (simulation, consulting, coaching), role plays, presentations and more."The combination of in-depth theoretical study of finance and the latest methods give practically significant - according to experts - a powerful synergistic effect, responding to the needs of the most modern corporations."Experts also noted the "excellent level of finance and their applications in management."In addition, it was recognized "correspondence MBA faculty" Finance "global requirements."78 percent of teachers MBA program "Finance" have a degree, almost all of them are practitioners in the field of finance, financial management, general and strategic management.Most of the teachers have received international recognition and foreign education.Experts have pointed out that "the school actively promotes its faculty by encouraging them to defend the thesis."Over the past three years teachers SHFM published over 300 articles, some - in foreign journals.The ratio of teachers and students in the MBA "Finance" is 1: 6.Noting the advantages of the program, the members of the expert group EPAS / EFMD recommended school "pay more attention to foreign training MBA students, English is widely used in the learning process, to gradually increase the number of foreign professors."Praised by experts and the quality of training of graduates of MBA "Finance", calling it "excellent."Equally, they are highly appreciated the contribution of graduates of the MBA program "Finance" in the Russian economy, "at this stage of development of the economy Russian corporations in dire need of graduates SHFM RANHiGS who bring in the business of modern financial technologies and management practices."