Innovative education at universities

Contemporary Higher Education in Russia has long demanded changes in its structure and training system.New time dictates new delivery system knowledge.Many years of experience teaching all university staff showed that not only requires a strong theoretical basis, but also practical exercises, appropriate to the spirit of the time.

priority was innovative science education, which is a set of methods and modern designs for the training of qualified personnel.Innovation in this area requires not only the availability of technical resources, but also special attention to the development of the human personality, corresponding to their profession and the time in which she lives.One must be prepared to interact with the complex technology and new forms of learning.

can say that reality itself creates innovative education in universities.So some universities partly pass on distance learning using the Internet.This allows you to get specialty students living in remote parts of Russia, for which training in the major regional centers is impossible because of its expensive cost.Thus, innovative technologies in education allow to obtain valuable staff willing to work and develop the province.

addition to the use of new technologies in the learning process, just create a unique, modern system of teaching in higher education.They have a number of features:

- an integrated approach in the training of specialists of technical professions at all stages of the process,

- compliance with the information received at the university with the requirements of future employers to their employees;

- a common approach for education in the specialty in all universities of Russia, in accordance with international standards;

- depth study of foreign languages, regardless of the student's future profession;

- constant monitoring of students' knowledge.It is important not score, and the definition, in which scientific disciplines and practical training gaps of knowledge among students, in order to adjust the program.

modern innovative education in universities involves the introduction of disciplines contributing to the development of communication skills of students for further successful integration in the workplace.To do this, create a variety of training, role-playing games.The traditional system of education in Russian universities preparing specialists who are difficult to adapt to the real world.Today, mobile professionals are valued, open to everything new, able to work with a large volume of information and the right to learn in the process.Thus, the development of innovative educational uses and psychological aspects of student learning.

Yet an important factor in promoting student learning is the material-technical base, in the spirit of the time.Many universities are still equipped with computers that have long since become obsolete.It is worth noting that innovative education in universities assumes conducting classes in lecture halls equipped, where you can clearly see all the processes studied.Thus, the student will test the theoretical knowledge in practice in the walls of high school, where there is a chance under the guidance of teachers to correct all the defects of his work.

introduction of innovative technologies in universities should take place in stages, with the entire teaching staff definitely should attend training courses in order to provide students with relevant information that will be useful in real-time, rather than reading the 35 years the same summary.The theory must be supported by practice, and young professional - to be able to respond quickly to any changes in his profession.