Who is the Stig in the transmission of Top Gear?

This question worried all who watched from the beginning telecast Top Gear.Who is the Stig?This guy in the outfit rider experiences cars on tracks, trains the star guests of the program, showing them how to tame a regular high-speed rail "horse."And he is always silent, but his name appears in the credits of the program on a par with the leading "Top Gear."Who is the Stig?Do you know?

Stig - who is this?What is he doing in the Top Gear?

This image was offered by Jeremy Clarkson, host of the show.Why the mysterious driver in a white suit was nicknamed Stig?Just like all newcomers called Repton School, where he studied the future leader of the program.

Stig on the program "Top Gear" acts exclusively professionally.He sets speed record on the track and teaches other people to deal with fast cars.At the same time it works without removing the helmet, and appears only when needed.Yeah, this guy's really unobtrusive.And this is natural, because it is the leading role in tandem.

As mentioned above, the Stig - a skilled racer.But not many members of the profession are able to stay in front of the camera and speak beautifully.And then the creators of "Top Gear" came to the conclusion that the Stig is to become a silent character.This move was justified in all respects, because it not only eliminates the "white riders" on the need to talk to the camera, but also allows you to maintain a veil of secrecy.

Why no one should know who the Stig

This is another deliberate move the creators of the program "Top Gear."Innuendo, the mystery associated with this character, intriguing viewers.In the circles of fans and media transmission does not stop the debate, there were more and more speculation as to who the Stig.Discussions and debates - good advertising, so the "Top Gear" added the interested viewers who not only want to know more about cars, but still hope to get an answer to a question about the identity of the mysterious rider.

But something about him yet known.This guy - robot mutant.At least, that's about it speaks Jeremy Clarkson.

But seriously, the shooting of the third involved Stig.Who were the first two, and why did they leave?

Revealed secrets

first Stig "Top Gear" was black.No, we mean not the color of his skin.Simply, he was wearing a black suit.His identity was revealed at the end of the second season of TV shows, has declassified secret newspaper The Sunday Mirror.It turned out that the Stig - a British Formula 1 racing driver Perry McCarthy.

After the secret identity of the Black Stig was revealed, there was a tragedy.The rider crashed directly on the set of "Top Gear" at the beginning of the third season.It happened when he tried to disperse the car "Jaguar" up to speed of 175 kilometers per hour, moving on the deck of an aircraft carrier.Black Stig was killed, but Perry McCarthy it does not hurt.Yes, the death of the rider was just scripted shows.

Next Stig wore a white suit.He regularly performed his duties, and his name remained a secret to the fans during the long seven years.Mystery revealed as the first time, and journalists.The newspaper The Daily Telegraph headline appeared as follows: "We know who the Stig!".Photo declassified character was published in the same material.Stig Ben Collins has appeared, the NASCAR racer and stuntman, duplicate of James Bond to the series of films about his adventures, where the role of the famous special agent played by Daniel Craig.

Ben Collins was not "killed" the creators of the program, and he continued to work on the project, but as a driving instructor, did not hide his face.By the way, about their lives in a white suit Stig Collins was going to write a book.And when he became an instructor at the "Top Gear" Jeremy Clarkson repeatedly made fun of him: "Do not tell anything to this guy, or he will write about your secrets in my book."

new character

third Stig appeared on the program in the sixteenth season.Before Christmas in 2010, "Top Gear" episode was shown, where the baby Stig grown on a special farm.Viewers then warned that the new driver wants a month to grow up a bit and learn everything.After the Christmas holidays the third Stig, dressed again in a white suit, appeared on the program.His personality has not yet been disclosed, and in the press and among fans of the program "Top Gear" still appear more and more guesswork.