Malvina - character fairy tale "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio"

In Tolstoy good book "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio" the protagonists have become puppets, and the only girl, long settled in the hearts of boys all over the world, has become Malvina - an ambiguous character, and to some extent contradictory.Why, in fact it zealously campaigning for the teaching and washing hands is daunting obstinate Pinocchio, but sincerely happy opening kind of puppet theater without ill Karabas headed.So who is this Malvina?Fairy tale characters or life style?

everyone's favorite

The first is amazingly beautiful and unusual girl.Piero in love with her, barely breathing, recalls her blue hair and dedicates her poems and songs.Obviously, such a girl can not be a "tomboy", or just hooligan eccentric Stubborn.

Malvina (character from "Pinocchio") is very good and responsive.She loves animals and birds, protects the devotee Artemon.Malvina delicate and fragile.She is afraid to soak feet and dirty cloth, so it is always cleanliness and starched dress.

Which came first?

Whence came Malvina?About her we only know that it is the most beautiful doll theater Carabas Barabas.She has porcelain head and body stuffed with cotton wool.Like Pinocchio himself, the girl with blue hair has a prototype in the book of Carlo Collodi The Adventures of Pinocchio.There was a good fairy, who lived on the edge of the forest.At the first meeting of Pinocchio sees her beautiful girl with turquoise hair.Then Pinocchio runs and a fairy dies of grief.The next meeting of Pinocchio fairy sees a grown woman.

Every writer in his own way interpreted the ambiguous image of the beautiful forest.For Propp general drew parallels with the character of Baba Yaga, as Malvina too watered and feeds the main character, after which it dictates its own terms.The Slavs blue hair color was considered a bad sign, as associated with the habitat of evil.

«speaking" name

Generally, it is the German name, translated it means "justice" is derived from the flower of mallow.Sometimes, this flower grows as a weed, but it is very beautiful and unusual.In reality, if a girl gets the name of Malvina, a character that is not reflected in the further destiny.Rather, the real Malvina smart prudent and eloquent.Most often it is a workaholic woman with an active lifestyle and fast response.It can be a spendthrift, but the undisputed leader in the family.More inclined to the exact sciences, surrounded by friends and family.The colors for this name is very symbolic - a crimson and blue.In short, Malvina still looks like a fairy-tale heroine Alexei Tolstoy.

In memory of the character

When your child grows out of age tales, then surely the favorite characters are disappearing forever?Not at all.After all, the memory of them may be expressed in the surrounding life.Who would not want air cake with raspberries and blueberries?No one!A prudent confectioner give him a beautiful name in honor of the girl with blue hair.A manicure can be done in your favorite colors heroine.But it's the moments pass, but haircut "Malvina" remains the darling of women for many years.

Why is it popular?Because of the association with a fairy tale or a simple laying?In fact, it is not so important, because it looks amazing no matter the age of the girl.Of course, beauty salon styling is more accurate, but you can make such a beauty on their own.

Pre hair can be curled, to add volume.They are then collected and pinned on the crown invisible.The collected hair and form a so-called Malvinka.That hair is not dissolved, you can assign them to a rubber band, not pins.Samu gum at the same time you can beat, for example by wrapping a strand of hair.That's set to present Malvina!

character from the movie about Pinocchio wore a slightly different hairstyle, but installation options may be different.The main thing - a fantasy, and the presence of pins on hand.Elements of weaving in the hairstyle is always current, but even the easiest option will add the image to the publication."Malvinka" follows fashion trends, but emphasizes individuality owner.

Children dream

act in films at different times, the dream of every child, but after the new film saw the light, it becomes clear that a hero can not be.Eyed cine Malvina seemed so nice and puppet, and that could not be thought about any criticism or indifference towards the girl.But Tanya Protsenko, who played the doll, came to this role by pure chance.If it were not acquainted with the assistant director, then the whole country would have been different Malvina.

actress at the age of 8 years was a difficult audition and was approved for the role of Leonid Nechaev, director of the film.Before filming the little Tanya fell another problem - milk teeth fell out.Burning the deadline and had to go to the dentist for help.Perfect white teeth Malvina - his work.So true for Tatiana's dream, even children.Malvina woke up famous.After the "Pinocchio" might be shooting the film "About Little Red Riding Hood."The script was written specifically for Tatiana, but fate intervened - Tanya admitted to the hospital with a concussion.More in the movies do not have to because of the unfortunate injury, so she changed profession.Protsenko graduated from the film studies department of the University and is now a member of the International Federation of Journalists.