What does the name Alexander?

This name is one of the most popular.This is not surprising, because it was worn many famous people."Defender" - that's what it means to the name of Alexander.It is of Greek origin.So called kings, writers and poets.Its value greatly affects the carriers.It is known that among the illustrious commanders had a lot of Alexandrov (Macedonian, Nevsky, Suvorov).

What is the name of Alexander for child

"Defender of the people" is really a childhood protects weaker, fond of animals, taking care of siblings.Little Sasha was not very strong, frequent lung problems.Sports give a positive result, and the end of school, they become stronger and stronger.Will autonomy to help them achieve the desired first from parents and teachers, and then from others.

What is the name for the character of the owner, Alexander

guy has a contradictory character.Surrounding it shows the ease, artistry, affability.He is intelligent, sociable, ironic, able to make quick decisions.This closed in itself, often wears a mask, prone to feelings, but not to their demonstration.Typically, each Shura has a good sense of humor, knows a lot of jokes, and can easily become the soul of the company.Alexander must be careful with alcohol.Many Sasham inherent in temper and in an intoxicated state, they are able to a lot of mangled wood and ruin relationships with others.Alexander's weakness is the fear of failure and uncertainty.Men do not tend to work on themselves, may be too abrupt and rude.The strengths of Alexander are the ambition, talent and luck.Even if they make mistakes frank, fate keeps them from negative consequences.

What is the name of Alexander in love and marriage

Alexandra very gallant, courteous, generous, attentive.No wonder they love women and to reciprocate.They do not differ constancy and fidelity.Often, the passion just as quickly extinguished, as occurs because of what Sasha can feel guilty.In the couple chooses a woman who has a strong character.

What is the name of Alexander in the professional field of activity

Of all professions, Alexander is subject to almost any.Due to the innate artistry, many Sasha become famous actors.A strong will and determination to help achieve success in military affairs.Risk sentiment, sociability and entrepreneurial spirit enable them to become good entrepreneurs or journalists.

Compatibility names

successful marriage with Natalia, Ludmila, Tamara, Valentina, Anna, Veronica, Barbara, Daria, Elizabeth, Inna, Zoe Love, Maria, Hope, Oksana, Faith, Pauline.But the complexity of the problem and may be in a relationship with Lydia, Elena, Zinaida, Svetlana, Catherine.

name for a boy.Alexander.Diminutives derived

have named a large number of diminutive counterparts.Sasha, Shura, Sanya, Alex, Sanya - depending on the company's one and the same person can choose for themselves the different options on how to be submitted.