Several ways of how to return to the past

Probably each of us sometimes attend thoughts on "How to go back in time?"After all, before the sky was bluer, the sun was shining brightly, favorite ice cream seemed much tastier, and life - easier.

first time these thoughts started coming to people even in antiquity.Like, before the world giants lived, capable of almost everything they would want any - it was an age of prosperity, the Golden Age of humanity.However, the giants will not last forever, and over time they began to lose its power and its former strength.And since nothing good happened, only one disorder and degeneration.Silver Age, then copper, and then worse.Therefore, as well as during the Golden Age, it will never be.

Sometimes these thoughts overtake us.We think that as good as before (as a child, a student, on vacation last summer or the previous man), will never be.If you really, really want to relive an unforgettable experience that has been in your life, let's fast forward to the happiest time.So, a few ways in which you can return to the past.

Write about how it all happened

Take a piece of paper and sit down at the computer and write.It is better in prose.And do not think the error, and how beautifully you have obtained.It is not necessary that someone, but you read it.Just relax and transfer his thoughts on the day, at the same time.Newly feel that you are there.Thus, you get a powerful emotional charge.And write.Write about events that concern you then who are alive in your memory today.But remember, do not need to describe all the ropes and the points, for example: "He took off his coat - sat on a chair - poured a cup of tea - looked out the window ..." scribblers only dwell on the details and carefully delve into his past.For you, the main thing - that left a mark in your heart, even many years later.

effect : written such an attempt to understand how to return to the past, has been practiced for a long time.Paint the events that happened once, it is very helpful for peace of mind and psyche.In addition, it allows you to look at the situation from the outside and re-evaluate it.And sometimes it is the beginning of a new successful novel.

live day exactly as it

Take it one day in his real life.Create a former environment and act in the same way as the day on which you sadness and regret.It does not matter if the participants of those events are no longer with you.Turn on your imagination and imagine that you are together again.And remember, this day you have to perform only those actions and deeds, which are written in your scenario.You can also go to the place with which you are associated fond memories to experience all the new force.

effect : after such a way to know how to get back into the past, usually comes a welcome relief.However, if it did not come, it is not necessary to repeat all over again.Otherwise, you risk becoming a pale shadow that talking to herself and wandering to the places of military glory.

View old photo albums and slides

good old tried and tested method of how to return to the past.Just looking photos, do not pour bitter tears of bygone days bright.The best way to immerse yourself in the use of memory - to describe anyone who is depicted in the photographs.Tell me about the habits, character, enthusiasm and talent of your relatives and friends.Think of what people are doing or wanted to do in life, who have traveled and where told that interest you.

effect : this method helps to relax well, remember all my friends, even those which you have almost forgotten.Some radical personality generally advised when viewing old photographs to burn, so they do not interfere with living in the present.To burn or not - you decide.

Is it possible to go back in time for real?Who knows, maybe one day scientists will be able to create a time machine, which will really be able to move a person from one time period to another.In the meantime, you should not suffer the past, to live the present and think about the future.