Mother of Pearl.

To know the secrets and properties of gems - like having to go to an interesting journey that will reveal new aspects of these delicious natural minerals.It is known that nacre - a stone whose name means "mother of pearl".Let's take a cruise in the world of pearl and find out what it is, what healing and magical properties has.Once we learn about its similarities and differences with pearls.

Nacre-Stone: description and deposit

This gem is a sparkling surface of the inner shells of mollusks.His palette is multifaceted: blue and white, gray-green, golden brown with different tides and many other colors.It consists of aragonite and colorless konhin, painted in different colors.The same composition has pearls, the difference lies only in the fact that the plate pearl calcium carbonate (aragonite) is positioned vertically, while the pearl - horizontally.

Experienced extract the stone in Japan, on the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.Yet it can be found on Ceylon, Philippine Islands.Mother of pearl - stone is incredibly fragile, so the process should be very careful that only by professionals.

Where prized pearl?

Beauty reporting mineral admired for a long time.The ancient Romans appreciated it, identifying with the sign of wisdom and power.But most of all loved this mineral in the East.In our country, he became known in the XVIII century.The courtiers jewelers created from a delightful jewelry: pendants, pendants, necklaces and more.Mother of pearl - stone, which beautifully adorned church utensils, musical instruments, furniture, chests, mirrors.

Healing gem

used to be that the crushed mother of pearl is able to get rid of many diseases and prolong life.Today it is still a part of the anti-aging and whitening creams.This precious stone can help people suffering from diseases of the ear.

is believed that the pearlescent talisman strengthens immunity, adds vitality, eliminates the negative effects of stress, soothes the nervous system and increases the efficiency of the organism.

Nacre-Stone: magical properties

Gem has an energy that brings well-being and prosperity in the house.To do this, keep jewelry in pearl shell.Once he is able to maintain positive relations and peace in the family.It is believed that if a person is wearing pearl jewelry, it will be more confident and protected from the evil eye and evil spirits.This gem gives inspiration to people involved in creativity.If you pour the liquid in the container with the bottom of the material in question, after a while it will be curative.

Nacre-Stone: zodiac sign

This delightful gem will suit almost all signs of the zodiac.It is contraindicated only twins.The most effective action has to Aquarius and Pisces, sharpen their sixth sense and bringing luck.