Sun life: bright name Svetlana.

That-that, and the glitz and Grace owners of this name does not hold.And the name - Svetlana.Its origin dates back to the Slavic roots, it translates as "light."Greece has its counterpart - Photina.This name gives Svetlana during baptism.It is extremely gentle and surprisingly warm.His are those girls whose parents want to marry them with light ...

bright name Svetlana.The origin and meaning

Pushkin or Zhukovsky?

As we said above, this name has Slavic roots.It came to us from pagan ancestors and symbolizes grace, purity, radiance and sunshine.But there are at least two versions of its origin.

On one of them, his name is widely received after the publication of the eponymous ballad poet Vasily Zhukovsky.According to another version, it was coined by none other than himself as "the sun of Russian poetry" Pushkin!But where in fact true?Alas, to this day, such evidence has not been formally preserved.All of this - solid guesses and logical thinking.

What is the name Svetlana?

patron saint of Svetlana - is Photina (raskolnitsa who lived in troubled times of terrible persecution of dissenters for their faith).It is separated from the whole world, give all their wealth to the forest monastery for hermits.Therefore, the origin of its name Svetlana obliged dissenters and has a second connotation - zhertvennichesky.His owner devote themselves entirely to one thing, but is often mistaken with the choice of "burden."It can be "too tough" light.

As mentioned above, the purpose of people with the same name - to give to others the light, love and affection.This, of course, is about the closest living next to Svetlana.In relation to the other is a controversial personality: there is also a high self-esteem, and selfless altruism, and a rare feature answered by a serious cause people pain, and amazing kindness to him ... In general, a full bouquet!

In his early years and young girls with the same name carefully look after themselves, tend to look stylish and fashionable, sometimes it comes to the madness!In adulthood, Svetlana - independent and very hardworking person!They are, in principle, kind and diplomatically, but not averse to command others.By nature they are - coquette prefer male company because it is difficult to find a common language with women.That such may be different Svetlana!

What is the name of Svetlana in dealing with people?

The family is very caring mother and spouse.It is equally well applies to all members of the household are not paying any attention to all sorts of gossip and public opinion.It is said that Svetlana even like the fact that they are on the ear.It flatters their vanity.The vast majority of men is Svetlana frank disbelief.She just believed that they did not rely.

How does the fate of the name Svetlana?

origin of the name, like you already know, awarded him such a sense as "light", "warm", "weasel" and "comfort", but to the very Svetlana fate is not so consistent and the heat!Though the girl and beautiful, but in my life it is quite rarely successfully staged.After her since childhood overwhelmed as kindness and anger.It all depends on education, which will invest in her parents.