Learn new facts about your favorite heroes, One Piece

sometimes so hard to say goodbye to your favorite characters, the desire to find out something interesting pushes us aimless search.Book edition limited number of pages, the films have an end, that's only human imagination requires the implementation, we are trying to extend the history of favorite characters using invented our stories.There is a whole creative hobby - fanfiction.

Why am I doing this?I am sure this is an excellent chance at all to say goodbye to their favorite characters in many stories.For some, this is a test of their talents a chance to climb the career of self-improvement.It is better to give too much time and effort to create, rather than destructivity.Just fanfiction generally reads and writes since the audience age of sixteen years, and during this period we are inexhaustible enthusiasm, so only depends on us, that in a way will be selected.

So, if you want to try yourself as a writer or just love the history, it is necessary to devote leisure fanfic.

sometimes so hard to say goodbye to their characters that the desire to learn new facts pushes us on the long search.Book edition limited number of pages, the films have an end, but requires the implementation of the human imagination, so we want to see again the loved characters using invented our stories.There is a whole creative hobby - fanfiction one piece.

once on one of the fan sites on the books of John. K. Rowling drew reference, which had the name "GP fic."The new concept has provoked genuine interest, and the very kind of creativity - writing stories about the heroes of the movie, anime, books - I was fascinated for a long time.By the way, today I do write about some of the characters - I got interested in Luffy and Hancock in the anime One Piece.Oh, and another write cycle Drabble Crusher section of anime site.It is difficult to judge what fandom most famous, but remember - a very famous basketball considered the trigger and the overall work with Sailor Moon.

At first I was just a reader.Gradually I began to show their ideas to the authors with regards to the plot, the introduction of new characters, etc.At the same time sit to invent stories in no hurry because I doubted as creative skills.But, once tried, even after seeing the positive response of other people, I quickly overcame my fear.

After that I began to write under the headings of a young but promising resource, based solely on the publication of fan fiction.This does not abandon comment fikrayterov favorite, after all, be sure you need to strive for the best.Generally, there is always the opportunity to choose a variety of fan fiction about the worlds, picking up interesting genres.

If you liked the theme of fan fiction worth reading a couple of text typed into a search engine, for example, ¬ęThe Breaker fanfiction."

Why am I doing this?I'm sure it's a great opportunity to say goodbye never their favorite characters in a fictional story.For some, it is a sample of the pen, the ability to climb the career of self-development.It is better to direct their free time and energy to create, rather than destructivity.It is no secret that most fan fiction writing and reading audience aged seventeen, and at this age we are inexhaustible inspiration, and only depends on us, what path is chosen.

If you want to see yourself as a writer or just love to read, should be given free time fanfic.