Ferris Wheel

Each room in which you wake up, begins to resemble the cheapest room, always the same, in the same motel.It's not about interior design or cost of wallpaper, no, quite different, but who is it?Here, for someone - a room for an hour, for someone - the last refuge;Wall slimy semen, tears, sweat and God knows what, but knows this only members of the club "Ferris wheel".Needless to say, they just fall into this motel and only they know its name.
Maybe we should start each day with a party in poker?Early in the morning to arrange dot the i, if Fortuna today woke up in someone else's bed - to sleep all day alone.And then - a new round of former floss.Match all names either by virtue of its secrecy, whether by virtue of inner freedom, or worse, a lot worse.Something to sell, and something for it getting back to your room "disemboweled to the ground", with empty eyes and a perpetual wave of nausea.
most sickening, perhaps, just that there is nothing special.I do not know what it all seems on the other side of the glass, and that we'll see?Pursues the smell of burnt rubber.I'm putting out a cigarette and ashtray like the Colosseum, perhaps this is it is ,null, sometimes I imagining that at your fingertips and is a bit of blood.If at all the crazy houses were not sitting on tablets would cost to make the pilgrimage for the interlocutors.And no one in fact and not trying to get out of the club, "Ferris wheel", it is impossible to get out of it until you do not want.

Words prostitute and did not want to belong to anyone, going to any fondling each playing.However, like all the promises and vows.You could sit at the door, hugging her knees sad and wait for someone to care about that.The truth is that it is not clear what they were expecting - that hug or stroke.Or - and that, and another.
Sensuality and despair - that of which these walls.Leaving most of his life in the power of the shadows, bring gloom everywhere appear.The sweet taste and smell of rotting inner core.And everyone who gets here, leave it inside too much.Again and again, reliving the same moments, hanging sign on the door, "I'm tired of everything."
became clear as a child that the only true desire most vile, hidden or not so that no one will make happy.And every day you'll regret that dared to wish for at least something.And all of life is reduced to an endless selling of innocence and cannibalism - sawing inside the baby and feeding it to someone.In return, you get something like an anesthetic, so as not to hurt the emptiness inside.And so are you, and how you sing.
You've guessed that this motel - is you?Day after day, you wake up in yourself. "Once you stop waking used. What is the first normal breath of air after you have swallowed the water, but you pumped? What is swim across the sea? Is still come out on the other side? One gets the feeling that for a long timesat by the window and waited for the man who is tired, broke and fell, rises, comes to the house. And then he came back, quietly opened the door and entered, walking around the room, he had so long there was not. So long, that joychoking grief and sadness smothers joy. And nothing breaks out. They turned the sea.

Shadows of the Past slightly detained and disappeared later, everything around was neutral, neither good nor bad, not black and white. For too long studied the faces,that they simply erased. The neutral city. What is this all indescribable boredom, depression and nausea. And I did not even wash my hands, but rather scrape their blood. Outside, inside, I would like to clean up and rebuild every molecule. Removed dark forest.Personalized
misfortune turned into a purely private.It has long been dedicated to nothing to anyone.They took the throne.

Everything that is happening is not happening, seen, heard, the expected life is woven into the views, builds, degenerates, becomes a rope that strangles or a noose around his neck, or save us from falling."Tell me in five minutes what it is."Can five seconds to explain to you are: pass by and do not look back, all good.Removed extras.

When they pretend (or the way it is), they do not understand what you're talking, you start to think that you do not understand what you say, but then something changed, and the fact that they no longerYou do not understand, is included in the price of something bigger, but it is too big, you managed to understand.Removed prompter.

And then you start to dominate.Above their fears over their desires above their needs over their sorrows, too many of.There are, of course, the likelihood that no longer cuts in living because living inside have nothing left.They took the mirror.

yet can not escape the feeling that these shadows around and hope that you are just going to sort through old things look old photos, to suffer for the departed people will look back and wait.And if not, misunderstanding happened, you live on, at least, has to spit and curse his past, before going to bed to dream, as it would be if it is not everything.They took the stairs to the painted sky.

That groping barely the next step and say come.To where, and do not stay overnight.You're the only one who goes to the end of this route, having passed all the lovely houses, driving all the slums, and the devil knows what the name of your station, and end it just for you.Then go on the route someone else, he will pass your final station, looking tired eyes in a glass darkly.Turn off the spotlight.

Send all expiration dates.I stayed at the scene one man only.And as if that's about to start his monologue.