Failure to pay an administrative fine within the prescribed period implies what sanctions ?Responsibility for failure to pay the fine within the prescribed period

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penalty - a kind of punishment in administrative law.It is net of cash in respect of the legal, official or person who has committed an offense.

penalty in administrative law is the measure of the force applied effects.It is a collection of material nature.It can only be used as the main punishment.The special part of the Administrative Code of the administrative fine as sanctions in almost all articles.

offender subject to punishment under consideration applies, shall pay to recover the amount of a certain statutory period.Failure to pay an administrative fine within the prescribed period implies the imposition of sanctions.

functions fine in administrative law

Penalty performs multiple functions: preventive, punitive and compensatory.

1. Preventive function aimed at preventing violations of administrative law in the future.

2. Punitive feature focuses on the offender's punishment for an administrative offense by being subjected to penalties.

3. Compensation function (pravovostanovitelnaya) aims to remedy illegal means property benefits and rights.

not always function to further prevent offenses carry out their work.Sometimes there is such a fact as the failure to pay an administrative fine in time.Provided terms determines the legislature.Increased by any reason during this period, the citizen is still in the future will have to pay that amount.As shown, there is no point to evade incurring penalties.Harm such actions can only imagine.

Terms of payment of the fine

period allotted for payment of penalty the person held liable, is sixty days.During this time, the offender is obliged to leave the designated amount, since the failure to pay an administrative fine by the due date shall entail the application of certain sanctions.Earlier allotted period is thirty days.

important to remember that the offender has the right within ten days to contest or appeal the ruling of an administrative penalty.After this period, the citizen is obliged to pay the amount of taxes levied.Without any action on the appeal or protest protocol, the offender agrees to the prosecution and punishment of this type.What would happen if a citizen who has committed an administrative offense, does not pay the fine?The law assumes responsibility for it.For failure to pay the fine within the prescribed period may be sanctioned.For example, they can be expressed in increasing the amount of the fine, as well as other forms of punishment.

amount of the fine

penalty for administrative offenses for individuals established in the amount not exceeding five thousand rubles.In exceptional cases, it can reach several hundred thousand.Officials shall recover the amount paid, the amount of which can range from fifty thousand to one million rubles.For legal entities may impose a fine of up to sixty million.

collection can not be less than a hundred rubles, and for traffic offense penalty is a minimum of five hundred rubles.

exceptions are citizens, to which the penalty does not apply: to conscripts and students-cadets prior to the expiration of the contract.

What threatens to non-payment of an administrative fine?

In practice, it often happens is that a person is obliged to pay the amount of taxes levied maliciously evading this punishment.In order to prevent this situation created the preconditions to ensure the voluntary and timely fulfillment of the obligation to pay delinquent fines.After all, some people do not think about the questions: "What threatens to non-payment of a fine to me?What are the consequences of such an attitude entails a punishment? ยป

in Article 20.25 of the Administrative Code provides for certain sanctions for evasion of administrative punishment.So it is better not to tempt fate.Failure to pay an administrative fine within the prescribed period shall be sanctioned by another penalty.What does it mean?This fee will be paid at double the rate of the amount not paid on time.This penalty for administrative offenses may not be less than one thousand.And the failure to pay penalty entails additional administrative penalties, for example in the form of arrest.The period of the measure is not more than fifteen days.Or, this behavior leads to the fact that a citizen is awarded the work in any public facility.The term of this punishment is not more than fifty hours.

punishment for evading the sanctions for failure to pay a fine

to citizens avoid paying fines, one of the above penalties.But this is not all scary.The law told about administrative fines and liability for non-payment of the fine.However, the performance of these duties the offender may also be neglected.Consequently, such an attitude to punishment entails additional measures provided for by administrative regulations.For default or delinquency in repayment of the amounts assigned to re already provided more severe punishment.But the recovery is becoming more stringent.For example, the offender for leaving the place where he is serving an administrative arrest, or avoidance of punishment to be imprisonment.Law allowed to punish the willful defaulter by imprisonment for up to fifty days.Or increase the time allotted for the work required, to fifty hours.

Instead of conclusion

Due to the fact that the failure to pay an administrative fine within the prescribed period as a punishment entails compulsory work, the person evading their execution risks exacerbate the situation.Such behavior may lead to an increase in the amount of penalties, an administrative fine sometimes reaches three hundred thousand.Or offenders risk arrest for up to fifty days.

In conclusion I would like to say that evade the penalties imposed for the most profitable offender.Sooner or later you have to pay the bills, but the punishment will be the more severe.It is better not to bring this up.