What to communicate?

What communication skills?Sooner or later, everyone thinks about this.This quality is necessary for all people to succeed.Without a high degree of sociability difficult to imagine managers, people from the service industry, specialists in public relations and so on.It implies the ability to quickly find common ground with opponents instantly change the course of action depending on the circumstances and the ability to tune into the same wavelength with completely different people.

Most human resources practitioners usually do not pay attention to the list of personal qualities, which is listed in the summary, however, it is the lack of this quality should alert the employer and will certainly arouse suspicion.

What communication skills in terms of personnel manager?First of all, it is the experience of its own work and the results that he was able to achieve before.All customer-oriented profession imply the existence of this feat, it is necessary for success.Experienced personnel officers following types of communication skills: written and oral.


judge it can have on the job, by the presence in it of stylistic and grammatical errors, especially when it comes to responsible positions.Errors - this is another reason for the termination of consideration of candidates of the applicant.

Another indicator - is how structured, complete, clear and concise summary compiled as described functionality of the applicant, his achievements.However, here too every detail is not necessary to describe.

oral communication skills

Check it possible at the personal interview, as well as by psycholinguistic analysis.There are several criteria that can assess this type of sociability.

  • ability to clear and accessible to formulate their thoughts.It should be logical and structured.Therefore, HR managers often ask questions that require detailed answers.What to communicate, if not brevity?After all, as you know, brevity - the sister of talent.For example, if you are asked to tell about yourself.Above all it will be assessed a small, structured story about yourself, take no more than four minutes.
  • adequacy.One of the important indicators of the applicant - the proper attitude to themselves and others.The ability to pass on "you" from the first minute of conversation - it's not high sociability, rather, the lack of professional human etiquette.
  • Listening.Without it, people can not engage in a constructive dialogue.Those who are always talking and can not hear others do not find mutual understanding with his companion.Effective negotiations with the opponent will be equal to 0, and often will leave behind and a negative impression.
  • ability to win the interlocutor - is one answer to the question of what to communicate.Using psychological techniques a person can hold the attention of your opponent, to recognize his reaction to the different phrases and timely change their behavior depending on it.That, and the ability to correctly interpret the body language - a sure path to understanding.