Names of library exhibitions.

Book exhibitions have long ceased to arouse the desire of guests comfortably arranged on the couch.Their goal - to surprise and pushed to a new study.Although Internet conquers the world, the book will always be.And what to read, take care of librarians and offer us the best.It's a great way to not only instill a love of books for children, but also to learn curious facts.

first steps to the library exhibition

Literary Biennale - is to familiarize the audience with the best specimens of works that relate to the same genre or theme.Exposed may be a book, magazine, newspaper, photographs, paintings, reproductions, audio and video.The main task - to prove to the public that reading is important and necessary.Book exhibition in the library are designed to acquaint visitors with the proposed selection and bring to the study of a given motif.All submitted works so-called stocks are selected with the utmost care and systematized information on importance.

Organization presentation consists of several stages.The first and most important - the choice of theme.After that, starting from the direction you need to calculate the target audience, to collect documents and ancillary, related materials.Plan activities should be, taking into account three aspects:

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  • purpose of the exhibition.
  • audience, which is scheduled for action.
  • image that will help to develop a theme as much as possible.

Urgency - the success

choice of material for the library exhibition - the foundation on which depends the success of the event.It will be judged on the relevance of the exhibition.When choosing a motif should take into account the tastes and interest of potential visitors.The theme can not be generalized, because the most important vocation of the Biennale - accents.This can be a particular emphasis on the flow shown, style, social problem and so on.

Efficiency themes also directly related to the age of readers.That theory may be interested children will already be familiar to older students.The motives of interest to teenagers, do not attract the attention of adults.

equally important aspect - the name.It should be catchy, memorable, is pushing to ensure that come and see for himself.

theory name

Librarians can perform a great job of collecting and organizing material.Reinforce its accompanying parts, to conduct a broad advertising campaign, and so on. D., But will come to nothing if the wrong pick up the title.Names of library book exhibitions actually invented simple enough.The secret is so obvious that many do not even pay attention to it.The title should be bright, memorable and attractive to potential visitors.It's just a few words that will cause a storm of emotions and not leave the audience indifferent.If the visitor is not interested in the name, it just will not come, even if he is interested in the theme of the exhibition.Remember, long titles are not allowed.Names of library exhibitions should be concise.It is important to make them intriguing, give a hint or put a specific question that people want answered.It is undesirable to use a common expression, cliche and scientific proposals.

Work on the name

approve the project name in the early planning of the event impossible.The organization of work is sufficient to rely on the topic.The successful name can not think for a minute.It is not necessary to work on the reverse pattern.That is to build an exhibition based only on the name, is not deviate from the framework, in turn, can close a lot of promising roads.

important to consider another point.Names of library exhibitions refer to a particular group of visitors, but not to the entire readership as a whole.It is better to write a few options and then choose the one that fits the subject more than others.If you break a job at some stage, which would deal with different groups of people, it is better to come up with the name of the project method of "brainstorming."Negative "decorates" the exhibition title, which will contain an excess of complex rotations, philosophical metaphors, scientific formulations.The title should be simple.

functions forms and species names

name - the most important part of the presentation of the exhibition.It will encourage the desire to read the main text.Names of library exhibitions - is advertising a given topic, so they need to truly reflect the essence of "goods".Task title - briefly, if possible by several key words to describe the project.The optimum amount - 4-5 words.Avoid cliches and platitudes.

shows often supported by visual materials.But there is a certain system of work with the names and pictures of their number.In the book Biennale, for example, dedicated to the works of the poet, just a portrait.Other artistic elements can be drawings for his works, illustrate the places where he lived and worked, or a photo of the work, or with friends.Library exhibition, a photo of which are presented in this article demonstrate the variety of options for the visual design of the project.

Contact names and advertising

Publicity - an important part of any event (unless, of course, the organizers want their action to visit).Report on the premiere and invite people to the exhibition can be either directly in person (during a conversation with the visitor librarian), and indirectly through the media.

It is advisable to focus on your audience and enjoy the old and proven way - putting up posters.Actual invitations via the Internet or put information in the library group in the social network.But whatever may have been tortuous path to the heart of the reader, this is only half the story.Visit the exhibition can only motivate competent advertising text.And it should begin with an intriguing title.Names of library activities - the basis of the advertising process.Its main functions: to capture attention, interested in the subject and to assure the appropriateness of a visit to the exhibition.

Fixed classic

For decades the library developed a system theme exhibitions, and they have already become a good tradition.This proven motives, timeless themes.Among the most popular:

  • exhibition dedicated to memorable dates.Visual presentation do not leave the shelves of libraries and always relevant.It's interesting how pupils and students and lovers of literature.
  • presentations of new books to attract regular visitors.
  • Book Library exhibition on current topics.
  • Personal presentation for a book.This wide range of work that starts from the biography of the author, and leads to the era when the book was written.
  • there are other issues on which to base a plan exhibitions.But in any case, librarians should start from its own reserves.

shows with a twist

hardest to please the reader is not the one that goes to the library often, and the person for whom the house of the book carries no value.People prefer television, interested in the book is almost impossible.It is for these visitors need to spend an unusual exhibition of books from the library.This helped support some form of exhibitions.There are several most popular among them: Crossword, quiz dialogue chaynvord - this work is intended to amuse the audience.Showcase - is used to elaborate on the subject of the opening day.Incidentally, this is one of the most effective methods of attracting visitors.

exhibition for the lazy - screen versions of publications

order not to strain too guests who do not want to turn the pages of books, used some trick.Forms Library exhibitions are oriented to a narrow audience.But there is a name by which the focus will not pass without any visitor.This screen versions of books.There are so many films and TV series shot on the literary works that rack with instances will be a bright and appealing to passers-by.Better in the title indicate that the presented books were filmed movies.That and choose topics of library exhibitions.

first exhibition can be dedicated to the works of foreign authors, the second - domestic.Books can be divided into genres, eras, countries.Separately, make a rack with the most popular with directors and writers.

Thematic exhibitions for the whole family

also popular exhibitions, where the range is extended to the tastes of each family member.These names of library exhibitions interested in different age categories.If you choose the right subjects, library visitors will go home with not one, but several books.Literature is necessary to place on the shelves, depending on the preferences of each "customer".For example, the male part of the family interested in detective stories, historical novels.Women approach the section with romance novels, collections of poetry and books on needlework.Students will give preference to philosophical and psychological theories.Teenagers need to arrange a rack with adventure and fantastic stories.The smallest visitors enjoy fairy tales and legends of the peoples of the world.Names of library book exhibitions for the family can be more advanced.And the title of the rack can delineate a narrow space.

Exhibition journey

TV, film, radio - all passes.The book - that forever.And let it gradually replaces the Internet, though, when technology fails, fall back into the hands of the actual page.Read was fashionable are always and at all times.And now, when it is impossible to live without the self, the book becomes a best assistant.Therefore, today is the current exhibition and travel.

librarian can be a guide in other eras, countries and traditions.The system of selection of such materials is different from working on other areas.When processing is necessary to select the best specimens of a given motif.Divide the topic and approach it from every possible angle.The more the material is worked, the more emotions.

These book exhibitions in the library can be a guide in the journey through the history of his native land, will talk about the land on which they live library visitors.Used newspaper clippings about people who are proud of the city and interesting facts from the life of the village.Names of library events and exhibitions of this nature must emphasize that the visitor really learns the previously unknown information.