What is ideal?

In our lives, we often use the word "ideal".But if we reflect on its meaning.Let's look at the Dictionary.Synonymous with the ideal is the word "perfection".If you describe the value, it turns out that it is the highest point, which can reach people in their development.A person can have a perfect beauty, nature.But all this external manifestation.

interpretation of the term

After a little research, we could not find a consensus on the question "what is the ideal?".The definition is completely different and ambiguous.

The problem is that for every person who lives in a particular society, the interpretation of the term 'ideal' is unique.Man follows his ideas, which are incorporated in his subconscious.For some, this ideal of external beauty, but for some it's a spiritual ideals.But you can not treat them as a static phenomenon.For example, in childhood may be an ideal prince or princess.They will have certain character traits, appearance.

As children get older, these ideals are starting to change.That this should be taken very seriously.Many children take for the ideals of the images that they really are not.Especially serious ideals that define for themselves teenagers.For example, an action hero who breaks the law.Following his ideal could bring the child to the fact that he himself was to repeat the fate of his idol.

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sometimes chose as the ideal of a successful person.Following his advice, and may be to achieve success in business.The older generation considers ideal and example for veterans, heroes who saved their country and thousands of lives.But everyone sees in his own ideals.Because the system of values ​​at everyone.

Examples ideal

ideal description can be found in literature, painting, architecture.But the problem is that in different periods of the highest point of perfection takes a certain stereotype.The moral ideal can be internal or external.In the works of literature, one can find many examples of how a person who possesses outer beauty, such as Helen in "War and Peace", can be far from perfect when it comes to its spiritual content.Thus, a single point of view that such ideals, we are unlikely to find.

representation of the ideal from the point of view of philosophy

question of what ideals, interested people since ancient times.Today, the concept of morality and culture is gradually losing its meaning.In the minds of adults, let alone children, there is now a mixture of different cultures and values.At the same time, society can not develop normally, if there is no lofty goals and ideals.The notion of a moral ideal is present in the Orthodox religion, on which the culture of ancient Russia.Children in those days, brought into line with the concept of the dogmas of the Orthodox Church.

Later, many philosophers, such as Lomonosov studied ideals from their point of view.It pledged their submission to the system of education of children.The concept of the ideal can be found in the works of Kant, Pestalozzi, Ushinskogo.The system of spiritual values ​​laid down in many works of fiction.But the fact is that at different times of the question that such ideals, people responded in different ways.In every culture, its values.

about moral ideals

If you analyze the concept from a philosophical point of view, we can find the division.There is an ideal that is defined as the highest point, the value specified by the system of moral concepts.In which the moral ideal - a system which is based on moral demands.They together form a certain image of a person's identity.There are certain characteristics.

  1. In terms of spiritual and moral values, ideals are models that are worthy of imitation.In this regard, there are examples of artistic and spiritual literature.Many heroes have a number of characteristics that make it possible to draw conclusions about their moral qualities.
  2. Throughout human evolution, the concept of "moral ideal" is constantly changing.For example, in ancient Greece, according to Aristotle, the ideal from the moral point of view is the ability to self-contemplation.Man had to abandon the ordinary life of the world to reach the highest point of perfection.Kant believed that the moral ideal is determined by the inner world of man.

In order to do things that are worthy of a great personality, you need to follow certain rules.One way or another, but for each there is a philosopher and psychologist his notion that such ideals.

Cultural Values ​​Human

Man lives in society.Or that society, if we consider it as a society, living in accordance with its own rules and traditions, which are called culture.Man can not exist without a purpose.That culture and confronts the individual specific goals.It is not a scientific definition.Science reveals the reasons that exist in certain time periods.Goals that confronts a person, allow to predict the future.It is determined by the actions of the individual.

In the animal world there is a system of values ​​that make up the definition of what the ideals of culture.But it is in human society.Moreover, the objectives set by the person determined in many cultures.The culture of a society is based on traditions.It develops at the genetic level.That is transmitted from generation to generation.Society confronts man is not a simple task - to preserve the culture.Throughout human evolution, there were a large number of different cultures.It was the Chinese, Egyptian, Old.Each of them took care of the next generation to pass on their value system.

perfect human life

From all the above we can say that each person has their own system of values.Each person poses a certain goal.Achieving them man realizes his ideal life.

For one ideal in life is the family, for the other tangible assets.Each of us has his ideal of life.Everyone is making efforts to achieve it.For this, he set a goal.This is very important, it is the goal motivates a person to develop it in the right direction.

it possible to achieve the ideal

If we consider ideal, as a goal to be attained, it is possible to turn to psychology.Much depends on the answer to the question, what is the ideal man, as well as his rights.If there is a desire, its goals can be achieved.What do you need?First of all, you need to determine for yourself what it is you need to achieve.This can be an ideal family or the perfect job.After that, on paper, should draw up a plan for yourself.

Secondly, it is important to determine for itself the period during which the task to be achieved.Do not just plan their actions in the next few years.This can be a short period of time during which one can achieve certain results that would bring the realization of the goal.

It is very important to find the right motivation for himself, or cause.It is necessary to keep yourself positive thoughts.Very often in the way of achieving their ideal obstacles arise.Do not forget that without them you can not achieve the goal.It is necessary to properly treat them.It is important to get out of the comfort zone of the familiar.

In conclusion, considering the question of what human ideals, conclusions can be drawn.In the pursuit of material goods should not forget about morality and spirituality.The basis of moral values ​​laid down in many religions.It must be a system that is based on the culture.The soul must be in first place.It is about the development of spiritual qualities should be taken care of first.Then society can become perfect.