Hickey - who are they?

Recently lexicon of youth, in particular, anime fans, added a new term.Today, fashion is a word "hikikomori" (often pronounced him simply as "Hickey").What it is?The Japanese call as teenagers retreated to his room, not wanting anyone to communicate, work or study.Such a person can not easily communicate with the outside world for several months.For the average person this behavior may seem a sign of mental illness.However, such "crazies" with each passing day it becomes more and more, the scoring in the millions.

first mention

in Japan in 1998 was released a book that answers the question, "Hickey - what is it?" And "how to protect your child?".In fact, this benefit, which will help to cope with this phenomenon.Tamaki Saito, author of the work, do not hesitate to say that in Japan it has become a real problem.The prosperous and highly developed country of more than a million teens (and it is almost one percent of the total population of the state) for reasons not understood aspect of communication and do not want contact with the outside world.

Revelation author caused a real shock to the Japanese people.But if you dig deeper, you can see - there is not a problem in recent years.

problem of "big city┬╗

If you go somewhere to the far north and talk about hikikomori, people will be very surprised."Hickey?What is it? "- They asked you.Of course, in sparsely populated areas, this phenomenon unlikely to arise.They welcome any visitor.

However, let's look at the situation from the other side.Huge modern cities require constant daily contact with a large number of familiar and unfamiliar people.In most situations in which face them are repeated.That is the person knows in advance that he has to say, what to ask, how to respond, what expression he should be in a given situation.It was then and there comes the "black dog."

Mondays Add to this that are so "loved" our people (by the way, it is not surprising that in recent years began to appear, and Russian Hickey).After all, for two days just to wean people off work and come back to flow into the system.On this day I want to pretend to be any sick, tired.Do anything, but would not leave the house.

For each of us experienced this feeling: I do not want to go to work (study), I will not open the door to friends (relatives), which will soon come, and so on.That is to be Hickey - it is quite normal?And each of us a little hikikomori?

What they are busy

main question that arises from all the relatives of the young man who suddenly became Hickey: "What he was doing behind closed doors?" The bulk of the answer is simple: "playing the fool!".It's true: he does not want to study, work, too, sleeps until noon, all his free time at the computer or watching television.Even with family does not want to communicate.Just a few sentences can say without opening the door.And the rest of the world, and it is not interested.

Some joke about Hickey: "What kind of behavior? Yes, they are simply remembered the instructions of their parents. After talking to them as a child:" House sit quietly and do not open the door to anyone. '"In fact, the door to the room opens hikikomori only at night.A teenager sneaks into the kitchen and quickly eat until no one noticed.

How are Hickey

This can not happen with a man in a moment.Most often it is the result of long-term depression.For example, every day at the same table relatives share with each other experiences, tell us about your new acquaintances about their career success, and so.. All this listening to the guy or girl who is currently difficult personal or professional sphere of life.And every day their confidence decreases, they cease to believe in yourself.

This phenomenon originated in Japan.But in this country today is very difficult to find a job, young people simply do not believe they will be able to find at least some place in life.However, all parents dream that their son or daughter take a good position in some prestigious company, and do not get tired to remind your children about it.

By the way, this phenomenon is common not only among Japanese youth.In our country in recent years and there are many such hermits.The Russians have not asked in surprise, "Hickey?What is this? "Because of the instability of this phenomenon has become the norm in Russia.Young people are not able to indicate the vital reference, they have no purpose, and their problems no one wants to see.Questions accumulated mass, and the responses to them are not.That is why part of the Russian youth just want to hide away and not answer to anybody.

It is worth noting that while the behavior of the teenager did not differ from accepted norms, and no one noticed.However, as soon as he found an original way out of a difficult situation and a close - the world worried.Everything began to talk about what is not working, do not get a pension.Psychiatrists seriously say that children should be treated.But Hickey (pictured above) is not crazy.It is worth only slightly unleash such a teenager and he suddenly turns gregarious and successful man.So no need to put pressure on him.Get him a true friend, call a walk and show something interesting, and he "thaw."

Hickey worldwide

In Western countries believe that the phenomenon of "hikikomori", would appear only "weird Japanese."But this is not true.Already Network is replete with references to Hickey.Teenagers from all over the world share their experiences on the Internet.One need only read the Russian Hickey notes - how much pain these young people splash in the World Wide Web, because they do not hear at home.But they need to be easy to understand, to understand their problems, discuss their complexes, to believe in their talents.

In any country there are several dozen teenagers who gladly left school will be closed from all over the world.But is our country, at least one parent will understand such a thing?And not every child in Russia is a separate room, to hide it.Therefore, for the Russians word hikikomori remains a fashionable expression.


be honest, something from this culture has almost every teenager.Some young people, for example, attend schools and universities only because it is necessary.How happy he would have said: "We are hermits and Hickey, do not touch us, we'll just sleep, eat and watch TV."But you can not.Therefore, they sleep in the classroom, are not interested in new information, often just play on your mobile phone.

These teenagers do not want to spend much time in the house.After all, there is the parents and talk to them is difficult, they do not explain their desire to shut out the world.Even a computer can not hide from them, they would still be interested in success, lots of bad mood.So what we have in Russia has its own Hickey.Maybe we just time to change something in our lives?