The answer to the question: "Communication skills - what is it?"

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purpose of this article is to answer the question: "Communication skills - what is it?"This term is found not only in everyday life but also in the field of management and recruiting.A person's ability to communicate effectively and interact in society is sociability.What does it describe the many books on psychology.And it is not entirely correct to equate the word to the concept of "communicative". are investigated together

largely interpersonal skills - the quality of which depends on the type of personality.The degree of strength of sociability inherent in man from birth.But in the case of a closed person can improve a communication skills through various trainings.

As is known, in general psychology decided to allocate four personality types: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic.The first two types are extroverts.That is emotional people, and manifest themselves as a result of sociability.And most sanguine by nature sociable psycho personality.Choleric often unnecessarily violently expresses his emotions, sometimes rude and short-tempered.

to type introverts are phlegmatic and melancholic.They tend to withdraw into themselves, less sociable.And of the two psycho more sociable and open a phlegmatic.

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Knowing his temper, you can not make definite conclusions about the degree of development of communication skills and abilities.Sociable people can be absolutely all members of the table temperaments.If a person lacks social skills, it covers tightness manifested isolation.It prevents him from fully live and work.In this case, you need to develop communication skills.What is it and how we can cultivate this quality, we will deal below.

Never miss the practice of live communication with people.You must be confident and open, interacting with society, the first to try to engage in a conversation with someone, be interesting to communicate, maintain a conversation.

Testing their communicative

important to know that the contact between the men is verbal and nonverbal.Simply put - through speech, facial expressions and gestures.And strange as it sounds, but most of the information to communicate with the person we get from non-verbal communication.Therefore, learning the basics of physiognomy will be enjoyable and informative process.

Currently, there are many tests to identify their level of communicability.These practices help to understand whether or not to work on yourself in that direction, and get some recommendations.In addition, for the formation of knowledge about the problem it is useful to become familiar with the scientific literature on general psychology, visit trainings and seminars on the relevant subject.This will help to overcome the internal barriers to communication, find like-minded people.

We have tried to answer the question: "Communication skills - what is it?"Remember that awareness of the problem on your underdeveloped sociability, the scientific knowledge base for understanding the mechanism of communication between people, and the practice of communication in the life and training will significantly improve your level of sociability.It will reveal to you great prospects.If you learn how to communicate to the other person's emotions while understanding the point of view of the interlocutor, the situation in many important areas of life such as family, work, communicate with friends and colleagues, will reveal new facets.What previously seemed insurmountable barrier will disappear.