The value of the name Hilary (Hilary)

Hilary - the name of Greek origin.Its value - "cheerful, gentle and quiet."Kindness, generosity, honesty - these and other qualities could not be better characterize the meaning of the name.Hilary childhood often Larikov, Ilashey or Hilary.He patronizes Jupiter animal mascot - lion cherished plants - poplar and violet, and the stone-talisman for Elyria is Aventurine.

meaning of the name Hilary

Since childhood, the boy likes to show his acting quality, the whole life for it - like a great scene where he is - the protagonist.Accordingly, the people around them - the audience that should applaud and admire the talent of Hilary.If he does not see a return from the outside, it becomes very unhappy.And it should take into account all others who want to achieve the favor of Elyria.

In any company the man immediately gets out into the lead as instantly infects their activity and cheerfulness all around.He's a great worker, a just leader, responsible contractor.The value of the name Hilary characterizes him as an ardent and gentle man.He is able to show their best qualities not only in work but also in love.However, the propensity for acting and is not leaving the Elyria: any wound inflicted heart will be hidden under a carefree laugh.After all, only a victory, including on the love front, can cause admiration of spectators.

In numerological calendar Hilary accompanies number 9. As with all "Nine", he loves noisy companies can find a common language with almost any man.And not only in words: Hilary able to help in difficult times, prone to broad gestures.But there is a downside: inflated self-esteem can play with this person a bad joke, turning it into a real egotist.The value of the name Hilary, after the fun and frivolity, is based on another quality - it is selfishness.Therefore, only a very strong spirit of individuals manage to "tame" walking in and build a strong relationship with Hilary, family or friendships.

name value

Elyria Elyria - the name of a woman.Like Hilary, it is the ancient Greek origin and means the same thing as a male form.Elyria - creative nature, it is characterized by reckless, unbridled joy and excitement.Girls can achieve great heights in sports, art and creativity.However, the addicting nature of Ilaria requires constant adjustment on the part of someone more experienced and pragmatic.However, it may be a wise mentor, as they say, move mountains.

Elyria meaning of the name indicates that the external activity and invulnerability, is very sensitive and vulnerable.Perhaps that is why in her personal life are often problems.However, it should elect the girl live with her carelessness and a complete lack of ability to run the household - and family relationships will develop quite well.Except for the lack of a single, overall Elyria - a very nice person, it will be comfortable and easy.