Fertilizer "Bud" - a popular dressing for houseplants.

plants as grown in the open ground, in need of constant care and feeding.Today there are many ways and methods of fertilizer for domestic floriculture.

types of fertilizers

most often to feed plants grown in apartments and offices used liquid fertilizers - nutrients, which are presented in the form of a homogeneous solution with a high concentration.Before applying the liquid fertilizer should be diluted in water in an amount specified in the instruction.Such fertilizers are divided into two types:

  • mineral;
  • organic.

last - is balanced solutions that operate fairly slowly, but continuously.Such fertilizers are readily soluble substances nourish the soil, improving its physical properties and structure.In addition, they enliven the desired microorganisms.Their main advantage - the softness, they can not burn the roots, as made from natural raw materials.The downside is the bad smell and stains that may remain on clothes and furniture at their careless use.Organic fertilizers are chicken manure, sawdust, compost.Mineral fertilizers are chemical compounds that are made artificially.They contain the maximum amount of nutrients as necessary for growth.The main difference - quick action: the plants immediately absorb them, and the results are visible after a couple of days.Chemical solutions do not have odor and color.Mineral fertilizers require a precise dosage in case of excess in the leaves and roots appear whitish salt deposits.The drawback - the lack of hormones auxin, which are necessary for a balanced feeding.Production of mineral fertilizers now sufficiently developed.That kind of activity is engaged in a huge number of domestic enterprises, as the use of fertilizers - one of the main methods of intensive farming.Popular tools for fertilizing houseplants is, except for "Rainbow", "Master", also fertilizer "bud".They all contain substances necessary for the effective development of plants.

fertilizer "Bud" - a universal and effective

From the diversity of plant food in the market, there are those funds that are universal and the greatest efficiency.Fertilizer "Bud" - is a stimulant to increase growth and flowering.The advantages include:

  • stimulate formation of ovaries, and to minimize the occurrence of barren flowers;
  • anti-stress effect of unwanted short-frost;
  • increase yields by 40%;stimulating the growth of the vegetative mass greens;
  • shortening ripening;
  • increase the size of the crop;
  • improve the quality, taste and nutritional properties of grown fruits;
  • strengthening of plants, increase resistance to disease and stress;
  • recovery yields.

fertilizer "Bud" is designed for root and foliar application, as well as for soaking seeds before planting, it is used as a fertilizer for the soil and the soil.