Aleshenkin grapes - it pleased everyone!

priceless and beautiful gift of nature - the grape is in honor of those row crops that replace any other kind of product is difficult.This is the only culture, which is engaged in the study of a science - ampelography.Aleshenkin grapes are also noteworthy scientists and wine-growers because of its advantages.

storehouse of nutrients

Each grape contains the necessary human body micronutrients, enzymes, pectin, organic acids, fiber, sugar, and of course vitamins: B complex, vitamin C and a large number of vitamin P, whose property - contribute to the accumulationand the absorption of vitamin C. Grapes - a valuable source of potassium, calcium, pectin, our assistant in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the respiratory tract, strengthening the cardiovascular system.It increases the level of hemoglobin, improves the blood and helps the liver.Especially valuable is famous grape seed oil, rich in vitamin E, which protects our body cells from destruction by free radicals.Seed oil used for hair, skin (especially facial skin), in the fight against degeneration of body cells into cancer cells.We can easily manage stress, exercise and toxins accumulated in the body, if our table is often a bunch of berries of rainbow colors.And what a pleasure in the summer heat to try juicy berries!

Grade Aleshenkin

known in the world 8000 varieties.These include Aleshenkin and grapes.All the above advantages of the product and refer to this class.It was created by crossing the pollen mixture of varieties of table grapes Volgograd experimental station and Madeleine Anzhevin varieties.Slightly oval fruit weighing up to 4.5 grams have a light white coating that resembles the color of melted milk, and sunny amber color.On escaping with two inflorescences every year fruit buds are laid.Grape Aleshenkin also known as "Alyosha" or № 328. Its growing period (the period of maturation) from 110 to 118 days, which speaks of his precocity.Special trouble growing there - good root sprouts, and fruits can be eaten before their final maturity.Large bunches weighing from 600 to 2000 grams (sometimes up to 2500 g) provide this sort fame yields and vigorous.It can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees, indicating that the increased hardiness of the variety.To maintain its successful growth and maturation 2-3 necessary to make the chemical treatment.Then, from one bush can get from 8 to 10 kg is very palatable juicy berry crisp.Grapes Aleshenkin care, which requires cutting for 5-6 or 8-10 holes, needs to be regulated (rationing) crop, however, has the property of ripening vines, and in a very bad years."Alexis" a little susceptible to fungal diseases, but it will always benefit the care and attention, watering and fertilizing, and the protection of the root system, less hardy compared with aboveground part of the bush.Therefore, it is desirable to impart Aleshenkin grapes to frost-resistant rootstocks initially, especially in the regions of northern wine growing area.This variety can be grown in greenhouses, taking care that he got as much sunlight.After all, any grapes without the sun is not able to give us a lot of vitamins and gustatory pleasure that we look forward to the summer in clusters, and in winter in raisins.And let the Russian Aleshenkin table grapes adorns every Russian table.