I understand the dream dreamed what cemetery?

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Our consciousness - is really something unknown!This is a mystery of all mysteries!But the dream of something you like mice, feces, dead snakes, concerts Stas Mikhailov, and so on .. And the next morning we begin to wrestle with: what is dreamed or that dream?For example, do you think, what dream cemetery?Can such a frightening and depressing, gloomy dream portend something good or something sinister?Let's look at it from the point of view of psychology and spirituality.

Millerovskiy dream interpretation: what dreams cemetery

scientist-psychologist by the name Miller says that if you dream a grim, but at the same time a quiet place, it shows your subconscious fear of death.According to statistics, most of these pictures they see those people who are constantly thinking about the meaning of life, afraid to end it, thought about painless care of it ... In general, Gustav Miller gives us the following ambiguous interpretation of the dream:

  • itIt may mean some close date;
  • perhaps nearing a danger to the lives of your loved ones;
  • dream may indicate that it is time to repent of their sins.

the way, say that the poet Yesenin often suffered like a dream, which gave him the "food" for the writing of certain poems with a clear motive for suicide (that "climb into the loop," or that it "neobmytogobury ", and so on).

What dreamed the cemetery, according to modern psychology and esoteric

Today psychologists say that such dreams are a kind of "bell".The fact that our body sends us a signal that it is very tired, he needs a good rest.This point of view joined esotericism, who added that such signals are sent to our own spirit - those moral forces that make up the character of our joint aura and energy.

What does it mean when the dream of the cemetery?The opinion of parapsychologists

Another group of scientists (parapsychologists) who sought scientific justification that to which the cemetery dream, they say, that our own unconscious mind leads us to the places where we used to leave his mark (mark)!For example, we could make the cemetery something bad, resembling an act of vandalism, - to celebrate small or great need next to the grave, namusorit and so on.Now we are painfully repent and experience ... The conscience does not allow us to rest in dreams sending a reminder.The best way to get rid of such torment - visit the church and the prayer book there.

By the way, this advice will help those people who have realized that he was wrong in relation to someone from the dead.As they say, never too late to repent!It is clear that to ask forgiveness from the dead is impossible, so you can do it on his tomb in the church, or by ordering in honor of the deceased prayer.

What dreamed cemetery for people who love walking?

Oh, this is a very bad dream!Your wedding will never be, and if it takes place, then you will be very unhappy marriage that quickly falls apart!However, scientists and psychologists soothe young people.They say that we should not trust so much in dreams, because pre-wedding superstitions are as old as the world itself!And dreams are gone near them.The thing is, that the mind of the bride and groom, exhausted prenuptial troubles can throw out their "energy" in a dream, there is drawing the most diverse and amazing pictures!Do not be afraid and do not be a primal fear!If your decision to start a family - a sincere, then follow him against all odds!