Dream book.

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Shuba dream usually portends material prosperity and success.However, there are other interpretations.In order to properly interpret what dreams coats, you must take into account all the details and nuances of the dream.Especially important is the condition of the garment.

Dreams Wanderer: what dreams coats

This dream can mean wealth, prestige or conflicts.Dear coat men dream to losses, and women - to the wealthy groom.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

warm coat and a good dream means stability and material well-being.Chic and very expensive piece of clothing - it's a dream-warning.Sleeping should not perk up and flaunt their wealth, as it may cause someone else to provoke envy and the evil eye.Old and shabby coat dream to instability in the material plane.Revenues will alternate with a loss.

Russian dream book, Why dream coat

This dream often portend big fight, which will be accompanied by a great noise.

symbolic dream interpretation

fur coat is a symbol of pretense, excessive demands or to satisfy their success.If you see her sleep wear to a naked man, in real life it expects the betrayal of someone from relatives.A dream in which the dreamer in the attack dogs and tear his coat, is in trouble and conflicts that arise due to the fault of others.If a large-sized piece of clothing, designed for adults, put on a child, this dream portends a meeting with the person who thinks a lot about myself and trying to show their own importance.It may enter Sleep misleading.

Dreams Tsvetkov: what dreams coats

This dream portends great scandal.Another possible interpretation is forced departure or the road.

Dream Miller

Shuba in a dream means that in the near future will all sleep in order to feel happy.When a man dreams that it is very expensive fur accessory or article of clothing, the fate had prepared him a very nasty surprise.Therefore, you should be wary.If sleep sees himself torn and dirty coat, its financial situation improved, and the hardships and sorrows will bypass.When a person gets a fur coat in the store, then it will develop a great relationship with the second half.Young lady is dreaming heralds the emergence of a wealthy suitor.

Dreams Zealot: what dreams coats

This dream portends Dreaming material prosperity and success in business.

Winter Dreams

When a man dreams that he is a warm and comfortable coat - is a harbinger of success in all affairs and fine relationships with others.If it is too hot and uncomfortable, then this dream indicates that dreaming too cares about their personal well-being, and this complicates his life.

Dream Book of Veles

wearing a fur coat in a dream - a rich inheritance.Tries on a black - death.And what a dream white coat?It portends illness.If fur garment came in a dream does not fit - to grief and sorrow.

Dreams Hasse

fur coat usually comes in a dream to prosperity.