Why dream of dirty water: the interpretation of the interpretation of

Among dreams are us, there are so-called "one-off", and there are a recurring theme, the same theme.If the first, as a rule, they are phony and do not mean anything, then a second is worth considering.It is possible that the subconscious or higher power give us a sign.

Water element

We all have dreams are different, but if we talk about prophetic symbolic, that they act in the same way we, in warning.For example, water.In this way many interpretations in different dream books.But they all depend on the following parameters:

  • color of the liquid;
  • size of the reservoir (pool, lake, sea);
  • its state (calm surface, small waves or storm);
  • alone you are near the water or together with someone;
  • they felt at that moment.

If you woke up, you analyze the impressions and sensations of the above parameters, the overall picture will become clear.

If the water is dirty

dwell on this aspect: what dreams dirty water?Just specify: the picture is not pleasant.Suppose you swim in the sea, and the water is cloudy, dark, with debris.Typically, such a story warns of impending problems.If you are swimming with someone, and Sea storm - wait for a dirty trick from someone from friends.You may want to "unseat" career or personal front, there was a treacherous rival.Swim with a close relative - he can fall ill seriously.With her husband or loved one - in relation to any tension, discord, strife.Why dream of dirty water in which one of you is sinking, too, it is easy to guess: the situation is so complicated that you can threaten divorce or separation.But if a wave on the dark water, and among them are floating feces, you expect a nice income, gift, prize, etc.

spiritual sphere

Spiritually is what dreams dirty water, can be described briefly: the need to update.You are in the midst of a deep puddle - so entangled in itself, in its relations with loved ones, lost ground.What you need to do to fix the situation?First of all, try to reconsider their position in life, a reassessment of values, change their daily life.It should try to clear your mind, emotional sphere from all sorts of negativity.If you are a believer - you go to church, pray.If you are on the path of spiritual quest - read books on Buddhism or other exercises.Psychologists have noticed: that's what dreams dirty water, often due to the unfavorable situation of intellectual and psychological.In domestic terms, this may be the usual gossip, in which you literally pour slops.

Health and dreams

Often, one or the other dream signals the dangers our body.Therefore, for this kind of picture is better taken seriously, not waving, and not counting their delusions.The dream books often written that the dirty water in a dream - a disease, and it's true.As the practice, the disease becomes protracted, amenable to treatment with difficulty.And if after a while after the dream you feel unwell - always consult a physician.

believe in dreams or not - a private matter.But if we remember that they are not only mind games, but our souls and memories of past lives, travel on other worlds, it is clear that every dream is encrypted some information.Solve it - to learn a lot about yourself and the world.