Actions at road accident

Traffic accident - an unpleasant event, but not rare.Fortunately, this is not always severe accident with fatal consequences.Much more common accident occurs when one touches another car while overtaking, does not fit into the rotation or leaving a parking space.Whatever it was, the traces of the accident: scratches, dents, broken headlights or more severe damage - the participants have to be eliminated.To road rehabilitation cars not imposed a heavy financial burden, all drivers should be required to arrange insurance, which compensates for the cost.But to get it, you must correctly orient in the event of an accident.

So, what to do after an accident?The first step is to get out and make sure that all the participants of the accident alive and well.Then call the traffic police, to inform them about the accident and specify the location.If there are victims, the procedures for changing the accident: it is first necessary to call an ambulance and send the injured to the hospital, if possible by means of first aid kits in the automotive and only then call the traffic police.Location of the accident should be noted signs of emergency and to include setting an alarm in any case can neither leave nor to change the position of the machine.Before the arrival of the inspectors can take a picture of the position of vehicles on the road, face the participants, license plates and traces of protectors, in general, everything that can be useful in the investigation.It is necessary to reconstruct the accident, if someone of the participants set his face to hide the evidence, or even to leave.

following actions when an accident: it is necessary to call the insurance company and report the incident to listen to the instructions the agent.And only then, when all the formalities are met, you can wait for the traffic police.Inspectors after examination fill several documents: a protocol on inspection of the scene, the information on the accident to the application, the protocol on administrative offense.In addition, process testimonies paint scheme of the accident and make the protocol status of vehicles after the collision.

In the last is worth looking in more detail.It is necessary to carefully monitor the actions after the accident the traffic police and, if necessary, to insist on Bole detailed description of the damage.For example, instead of general phrases "blow to the back right door" can be described as "a deep dent in the metal with a break back right door, damaged door opener, power windows, crumpled threshold broken glass."Proper action in case of accident (detailed description of the damage) will help with the insurance company to get maximum compensation.The staff in the preparation of the inspection protocol inspection can offer tested for the presence of alcohol in the blood.It is necessary to ensure that the results, both positive and negative, are reflected in the minutes.Rejection of the survey should also be recorded.

All of the action in case of accident make for compensation under the insurance policy.When the formalities are met, you can apply for compensation.Insured under hull insurance should provide to the company policy, technical passport of the car, his passport, law, registration certificate, copy of the minutes from the accident site and a certificate from the traffic police.Citizens insured CTP system, you need to collect a lot less paperwork, especially if the amount of damage does not exceed 25 million, no one was hurt physically, there is no dispute about the guilt, the participants an accident no more than two, and both have a liability insurance policy tool.In this case, you need to submit your own passport and certificate of registration of the car.