What benefits can get a part-time and low-income family

low-income family - a family in which per capita income is less than the subsistence minimum.In the category of low-income people often fall, and with education and work.This occurs most often when there is a child in the family.If a father in the metropolis on the good work can still feed his wife and child in the province, in some cities in the 10-13 million salary is considered to be high.It is enough to divide it into three, to understand that when a baby the family slips beyond the subsistence level, which in 2012 is about 4,600 rubles, especially after 1.5 years, when they stop paying child benefits.However, in the category of low-income family can get to the real family income exceeding the subsistence minimum of 5-10 times.How?The fact is that for the calculation of social services goes only "white" salary, which is equal to the minimum for many.Hence, a large number of low-income families with expensive apartments and annual leave abroad.

However, people are unlikely to be secured to issue benefits to low income families, because they are not so great, and many are not worth the paperwork that accompanies them.The amount of payment and type of assistance depends on the particular region.Let us consider what can be subsidies to the poor.If we are talking about a family with a small child, he is entitled to free meals up to 2 years, while ordinary families (regardless of income) curds, cereal and jelly free issue to the year.Secondly, children under three years of prescription free drugs rely pediatrician (though the reality is that there are not always in pharmacies, and the effectiveness of their less expensive than the foreign analogues).Third, children under seven years of age are entitled to free travel on public transport.The Dumb areas of low-income family, living in a private house, is entitled to receive a discount on the purchase of coal for heating.

Students in school can be put free food.A separate category - financial assistance to families with children.It depends on the region of residence and the age of the child.Parents whose children are under the age of 1.5 years, the minimum payment is supposed to 750-800 rubles, asit is believed that at this time my mother receives maternity benefits.Once benefits are terminated, the amount is increased two times.As the child reaches the age of three, when a woman may have to go to work and send the kid in kindergarten, the payment again reduced to a minimum.In some cities, poor families once a month allocate one ticket for each child to the circus, theater or other entertainment facility belonging to the city office.Another significant benefit - compensation payment kindergarten.It is 20% of the amount paid to one child, half with two children and 70% each, if three or more children.In addition, low-income families with children are entitled to a place in kindergarten at a preferential queue.Unfortunately, history is silent about what should parents do if this place did not get him to 3 years of age of the child.

separate category - incomplete low-income family, simply put a single mother.In addition to these grants they are entitled to more number of benefits.In particular, such mothers employer is obliged to pay sick leave to care for a child under the age of fourteenth in full, if the duration of the disease is less than 10 days and a 50% rate of 11 to 15 minutes a day.In addition, they can not fire reduction, as well as to involve night work without their consent.Incomplete low-income families are eligible to receive housing on preferential terms.