Duties of the driver

rights and duties of the driver are numerous.Respect for the past is an important guarantor of security on the roads.Of course, the responsibilities of the driver of the bus driver and a passenger of the vehicle are very different from each other, but the similarities are still considerable.

Who is the driver at all?The law states that a person who drives a vehicle of any category.It was also established that the right to drive the vehicle in this case is not taken into account.A person recognized as a driver, even during the passage of driving instruction.

From the above it can be concluded that the rights and duties of the driver - is the rights and obligations of any person, sat down behind the wheel of the vehicle.

vehicle - a source of increased danger.Man holding his control, must understand that big trouble could result in even a small miscalculation in, or some accident.The rules in this case there to observe them.Their perpetrators are in grave danger of not himself, and many others.In case of accident responsibility, in most cases, it falls to the drivers, not pedestrians (if they are party).

duties of drivers are plentiful.He must not use means of a technical fault.News defective vehicles can be so unless service center, which will remove all problems.

Duties of the driver connected with the right equipment and a vehicle.First of all I want to draw attention to the presence of seat belts.They should be not only on the front, but the rear seats.The driver, before moving off, must ensure that all passengers without exception, were wearing.In the case of a motorcycle and similar vehicles is the availability of helmets mandatory.

driver must stop the vehicle at lawful request of the authorized police officer or traffic police.In some cases, it is obligatory to test for alcohol intoxication.

Duties of the driver in the accident clearly stated in the rules.Primarily made a full stop of the vehicle, then an alarm is generated, exhibiting a special sign.Items which are related to the accident, can not be interchanged.What if there are victims?It is necessary to call an ambulance and take the necessary first aid measures.

Responsibilities include driver and compliance with the set of prohibitions.These include a ban on driving after drinking alcohol.The same applies not only to alcohol, but also any other intoxication (eg, toxic).You can not control the car and under the influence of those drugs that blunt the reaction impair attention and so on.It is forbidden to violate the requirements of road signs, talk on the phone while driving (use headsets or speakers is admissible) and so on.All this is spelled out in great detail in the SDA.All the rules contained therein are extremely important.For non-compliance may follow severe sanctions.

driver must necessarily be in possession of a driver's license and some other documents.These include a certificate of insurance documents for the car or a special power of attorney, proof of inspection.

Finally, we note that the responsibilities of the driver, in principle, remain the same as before, but the responsibility for the violation of any rules of the SDA constantly enhanced.In recent years, penalties have increased several times.