There was the loss of a passport?

main document is a passport of a Russian citizen.If you suddenly discovered that he had lost, should urgently take steps to recover it.There are cases when the passport is stolen by fraudsters for further criminal action: the opening-day firms, taking a large loan, or anything else.But do not panic, loss of passports rather unpleasant, but at the same time common.Gather your thoughts.If you react properly and in a timely manner, you will clearly know what to do with the loss of a passport, a lot of trouble can be avoided.

Oddly enough, but before you contact a statement about the loss of your passport, you should carefully look for it at home or in your car.Often it happens that some time after the loss, has already received a new passport, old people find a wardrobe, an armchair or in a jacket pocket.Therefore, after making sure that the passport is lost irretrievably, should contact OFMS (migration service).

If you are sure that your passport is stolen, you should first contact the nearest police station and described in detail the situation in which the theft occurred.In the police you will be given a special notice-card that the statement about the incident taken into consideration, and with it you will go to OFMS.

Note that once admitted the loss of a passport, you will write a fine, depending on when you will make a statement.If more than 30 days from the date of detection until the treatment is to administrative penalties for careless storage is added to the payment for accommodation without an identity document.In the case where you have come to OFMS immediately, perhaps not even write out a fine and have to pay only a fee for issuance of a passport and form.

When contacting OFMS need the following documents: personal photographs in the amount of 4 pieces and the size of 35x45 mm, a statement about the theft or loss of a passport, application for issuance of a new passport, a receipt for payment of registration fee.It is possible that may be required and other documents, further proving your identity or passport required for affixing marks.Installed application forms that allowed the loss of a passport, you will be given in OUFMS there and write out a penalty, if they deem it necessary.

After filing all the necessary documents, should be made to employees OFMS and ask to issue a temporary certificate, which you will spend the two months during which made a new passport.Use it when necessary, to prove that you are quite a good citizen, is registered with the Federal Migration Service, and the lack of a passport due to valid reasons.The procedure for the issuance of "makeshift" absolutely free, so do not neglect your right.

also will not hurt to know about pretty convenient service on the portal of public services.The statement, admitted that the loss of a passport, you can apply from the comfort of home.For this purpose, just go to the site of delivery of public services, select the tab and follow the instructions of the Federal Migration Service.You will be assigned a visit, prompt, what documents are needed.But to use such innovation is reasonable only if you have previously registered there.Otherwise, the waiting period for confirmation of registration will take too much time.

Recovery passports quite troublesome and expensive for significantly beating case.As the saying goes, it is easier to prevent than to correct what happened.Therefore, in order to prevent the loss of the passport are not your plans, carefully keep it always in a safe place and in any case did not pass strangers.