A few tips on how to sanctify the apartment

Consecration home - a rite designed to curry God's blessing on all who live in it.The apartment itself, as opposed to water or icons, holy is not becoming, and everything that happens in it depends only on the will and faith of its temporary inhabitants.

to perform the ceremony, not necessarily know how to sanctify the apartment itself, enough to turn to the nearest temple or parish.Pre-need to prepare: thoroughly clean the apartment, buy candles, the icon with the face of our Savior, if the house is not, and perhaps labels with a cross.Latest need more for aesthetic (cross drawing by hand, you can not bring it so beautifully, as printed in the printing house) than for the sacred rite of hand.All these items are readily available in any church store.

Do not think that the richer the image is, the more grace is traced dependence only on the degree churching living and strength of their faith, hope and love - the three main Christian benefactors.Thinking about how to consecrate an apartment, it should abandon the thought of prestige and other worldly motives.However, it is a sin, if the icon will be beautiful.

Some people exist in the soul of the fear that the invitation to the priest will be costly.It is false, because some set of prices in the Russian Orthodox Church does not exist.The amounts referred to, as a rule, svechnitsami, are indicative in nature, this information is likely to not enter the congregation in unnecessary spending.Most often there is another problem: people think about how to consecrate an apartment richer, to impress the invited guests.

If, contrary to expectation, there is a priest who will insist on a particular amount, the information per se certainly be interested in the Patriarchate, not in the most favorable light for him.

So the Orthodox Christian should contemplate rather how to consecrate an apartment, and not about the money side of the issue.

totally unacceptable in the consecrated dwelling pagan amulets, savage mask, and other attributes of our people to alien religions.

is also necessary to prepare the priest "workplace", it's just - you need a desk.

discussing with loved ones as to consecrate an apartment, the day before should tune in to the upcoming celebration, enjoy it and avoid angry thoughts, and especially actions.

will be just fine, if the inhabitants of the houses in advance to check their ceremony to her course did not raise embarrassing situations.So, you need to know that the father sought a blessing, and how it is done, and that after receiving it need kiss his right hand, and after the prayer service - a cross.

Of course, there is no need to learn to remember all the prayers, but it is the "Our Father", "Symbol of Faith" and "God" each consider themselves Orthodox, know is required, as well as under what words should bower of the cross.

stickers or man-made image of the cross applied to the wall above the entrance and in the corners of each room, and then anointed with oil.

whole atmosphere sprinkled with holy water, which should not be rushed immediately wipe.Therefore, if there are items that fear of direct exposure to moisture, it is better to remove to the thought of them do not distract from the sense of the sacred prayer.

in the open press, there are many tips on how to sanctify apartment candle apart there are many icons.By themselves, such action is not sinful, but the consecration of the home can not replace.

God bless you!