What scripture

divine revelation took place at the hands of the sacred authors and were originally written on papyrus or thin parchment scroll.Instead of using pens sharpened reed, which dipped in special ink.Such books are more like a long ribbon that is screwed onto the shaft.At first, they were spray-painted on one side only, but later they began to ease stapled.So over time, the scripture "Hagakure" was like a full-fledged book.

But let's talk about the collection of sacred texts, which is known to all Christians.In divine revelation or the Bible says about the salvation of all mankind messiah who became incarnate in Jesus Christ.At the time of writing these books are divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament.In the first scriptures contain information that Almighty God revealed to people through the divinely inspired prophets before the coming of the Savior.The New Testament talks about the implementation of the doctrine of salvation through the incarnation and life on earth.

Initially, the prophet Moses with God's help, opened the first scripture - the so-called "law" of 5 books: "Genesis", "Exodus", "Leviticus", "number", "Deuteronomy."For a long time the Pentateuch is the Bible, but behind them were written in complementary revelation: The Book of Joshua and then Judges, then the writings of Samuel, chronicles Chronicles.Finally, complete and bring to the main goal of Israel's history books of the Maccabees.

So there is a second section of the divine Scriptures, called the "historical books".They found some sermons, prayers, songs and psalms.By the later time is the 3rd Division of the Bible.A fourth of the scripture of the creation of the Holy Prophet.

Divine inspiration of the Bible

Bible differs from other literary works and supernatural divine illumination.It was erected inspiration of the book to the highest perfection, not at the same time suppressing the natural forces of humanity and protecting against errors.With this revelation is not simply the memoirs of people, and the real work of the Almighty.This fundamental truth awakens to recognize the inspired scripture.

Why do people so expensive Scripture

First of all, it contains the foundations of our faith, which is why it is so precious to all mankind.Of course, the modern man is not easy to go back to the era of the time, because the Millennium separate the reader from that situation.However, reading and getting to know the era, with the features of the language and the main tasks of the holy prophets, we start to realize all the deeper meaning and spiritual wealth of written material.

reading The Bible, one begins to see the specific concerns of modern society, in religious and moral terms, primordial conflict between good and evil, unbelief and faith, which are inherent to mankind.Historic line still dear to us because they truly and truthfully presents the events of the past years.

In this sense, the scriptures can not be modern and ancient legends.The right decision of moral problems or errors contained in the Bible, will serve as a guide for solving social and personal difficulties.