Abrahamic religions of our time

Abrahamic religions - it is the theological doctrine that has at its core the establishment, dating back to Abraham, the patriarch of the ancient Semitic.All of these beliefs are, anyway, recognize the sacred texts of the Old Testament, so they are called "religions of the Book."Also at the heart of such exercises is Revelation - the proclamation of God to man of his will and the proclamation of the path of salvation of the soul.In this sense, the Bible (like the Torah) is a fixation, the recording of the divine revelation.Through the study and interpretation of the sacred books of the person must unravel the will of his Creator.

Abrahamic religions extant, divided the world - Christianity and Islam, and private - Judaism Karaism, Rastafarianism and the Baha'i faith.The historic cradle of all of these beliefs was, of course, Judaism.Born in the beginning of the I millennium BC in the ancient Semitic kingdoms of Israel and Judah Canaan, these views become a revolutionary breakthrough among the pagan cults.If we approach the study of the Torah as a symbolic code, not chronicles the history of the Jewish people, it is possible to identify the main elements that have become common for all subsequent exercises Books: monotheism, the creation of the visible world out of nothing, and the linearity of time.

In the I century AD.e.in the province of Judea, then a member of the Roman Empire, Christianity was born, quickly spread throughout the vast territory of the State - from North Africa to the British Isles and the Iberian Peninsula to Asia Minor.Abrahamic religions - Judaism and Christianity - already have significant differences between them.Despite the fact that the new belief arose in Semitic environment, its adherents believed that God's covenant and Moses should not be treated as a contract of the Creator with the Jewish people, but to all of humanity.In this sense, the "people of Israel" becomes every one who "will believe and be baptized."

Abrahamic religions such as Judaism species (Pharisees, Sadducees) proceeded from the fact that the agreement of God and Moses is that the Jews have to sacrifice to God his foreskin, and in return the Lord grant them the kingdom on earth.Messianic Judaism "migrated" to Christianity, which recognized the Pentateuch, but at the same time highlights the New Testament, the humanity of Jesus Christ.That figure of the Saviour venerated by believers - for them it is - the Messiah, equal to God, who gave His covenant, and coming to judge the living and the dead in the end times.

In VII century in Arabia, Islam arises.Taking the early teachings of Christianity and Judaism, it is, nevertheless, declares himself not so much as, or as a continuation of the development of these teachings, proclaims himself as the only righteous by faith.Psychology of Religion, especially the new, often needs to be supported by the ancient texts.In the case of Islam, we see the assertion that faith is proclaimed by Muhammad, and there is a real, in the purest form of the religion of Abraham, which Jews and Christians distorted.Muslims believe that anyone who took faith in a single God and His Prophet, has become the son of Israel.Therefore, Islam and became a world religion, as opposed to Orthodox Judaism, believes that the people of Moses - are Jews by birth.However, Muslims do not recognize the divine nature of Jesus Christ, considering it one of the prophets.

concept of religion as revelation is characteristic of all the Abrahamic faiths.But while Judaism recognizes the Sinai revelation, Christianity - the Decalogue commandments of Christ, and Islam believes the prophecy of the last of the prophets - Mohammed - the most important, finishing the rest of the prophecy.In recent years, despite the political problems and radical followers, formed among the trend towards convergence between these world views.