GAZ-33027 "Farmer": all-wheel drive "Gazelle 4 * 4"

wheel-drive models of the domestic car "Gazelle 4 * 4" released in 1995.This line was developed by the Gorky Automobile Plant to deliver supplies to remote places.Prior to that, "Gazelle" had the formula "2 * 4" with a permanent front-wheel drive.Formula "4 * 4" and included the plug back.First, the volume of the parties was small, as the car was designed to transport small loads on bad roads, but not the full off-road.Gradually, all-wheel drive "Gazelle" was modified, and soon saw the light of the latest car models.They were the most successful and received the maximum demand is not just for farmers, which meant, but also small and medium-sized businesses.

Modifications GAZ-330027

Today there are many different versions, "Gazelle 4 * 4" - GAZ-330027.This airborne platform evrofury with rear-hinged doors, refrigerated vans, bread vans, mobile shops, cranes, mobile laboratories, special laboratory Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Interior and the traffic police, mobile workshops, manufactured goods vans, emergency services and more.These models are available on request and in certain volumes.Basic GAZ-330 027 is a low-tonnage flatbed truck with the possibility of installing an awning.Especially popular car "Gazelle" of 4 meters or 5 meters - the length of the body, because it allows you to transport bulky cargo that the standard model is not available.

Technical Specifications GAZ-330027

Due to the installation of a full drive on the GAZ-330 027 "Gazelle 4 * 4" has declined substantially and more maneuverability - load.The minimum turning radius has become - 7.5 meters, 2 meters higher than in the car with the formula 4 * 2.GAZ-330 027 can carry up to 200 kg less than its predecessor.Permeability is certainly increased, but the ground clearance of 190 mm is unlikely to allow the truck to go confidently on rough terrain.But on the road GAZ-330027 will enjoy themselves in any weather.The car became less fastidious in service, and manufacturers have taken care of the smooth supply of spare parts to service centers.GAZ-330 027 can run on both diesel and gasoline.Cummins diesel engine gives the Environmental Indicators "Gazelle" - "Euro-4".

Benefits of GAZ-330027

wheel drive "Gazelle 4 * 4" combines confident parameters Truck SUV that can hold the specified route, and the European level of comfort technology.Cummins diesel engine makes it easy to overcome obstacles.The car has a robust design, which is tested in practice by thousands of drivers.It is simple to operate and maintain.The car is well-proven, not only in rural areas but also in urban environments.Because the platform body is just a meter from the ground, the process of loading and unloading is simple enough.Manageability model closer to the cars.The car features a reinforced transmission and gearbox.Optimally matched gear wheels and high torque allow the truck to the limit.

Disadvantages GAZ-330027

Reviews holders modern GAZ-330 027 are distinguished by stable positive.Some complain that the truck "eats" a lot of oil and quickly generates the resource.In general, the car has received a well-deserved popularity as highly productive at comparatively low cost.Incidentally, it is worth noting that, in fleet, engaged in cargo transportation, GAZ-330 027 with a long body - the most demanded car which is never idle.Most often it is bought for the transport of large building materials for private and office moves.