How to choose a bed for a child?

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Any parents take care of their child, and in particular for his comfort, so they pay great attention to the choice of children's furniture.This article will discuss how to choose a bed for a child, taking into account the structure, size, color, and stiffness of the product.

no secret that most of the parents prefer to couch, who like their child, but this is not always correct.We need to approach this matter responsibly, taking into account the security of the furniture and its impact on the health of the baby.

course, the sofa in the child's room should be bright and interesting, saturated color.Well, if it will be in the form of any animal, cars or cartoon character.On this subject the child will be happy to spend time and go to sleep with a smile on his face.In the daytime, with a sofa can be played like a toy that is sure to please both mother and child.

But, picking up a beautiful colorful couch for the child, in any case we must not forget about the technical aspects, such as tissue.It should not be just a bright and beautiful, but ready to be child's play.We must choose the fabric for the upholstery so that it could be from the pen and wash, and ice cream, and of the tomato juice.For example, European countries, which produced children's furniture (Italy in particular) produces sofas exclusively with material that is easily cleaned and washed.

is important to think about how much the purchased piece of furniture will be used by a child.Remember that the baby is growing, and if today is any bed he likes, then tomorrow it could stop loving him.With age, the size of a berth should also be increased.For example, if you know that the sofa is purchased just a year or two, it is possible to give preference to cheaper options, but if you choose it for many years - do not skimp and give preference to quality and durable option.

Choosing mechanism such furniture also depends on the age of the child.For example, a sofa for a child up to four years does not have to unpack, so it is a simple approach neraskladnaya couch.Why is the option most appropriate?First, small children are not able to display and put the sofa.Secondly, couch occupies less space.

For older children fit "withdrawable" model, in which one part is hidden under the other.Today sofa evroknizhka - the most frequent model in children's rooms.All of these options are considered to be popular both in Russia and abroad.For example, Italian children's furniture is represented in all the above cases.

Thinking about the safety of furniture, prefer the couch frame which is made of plywood or lumber.Other materials can be dangerous for the baby.As for stiffness, a sofa for a child should be soft and tough at the same time - choose something in between.It is impossible to sleep in the child's body was plunged into a soft surface, and lying on the boards is also not recommended.

We hope our recommendations will help you to properly and responsibly choose a sofa for a child.Consider not only the beauty but also comfort, shape, rigidity.The responsibility of parents approach the selection of interior items for the nursery, the more grateful to be a child, and the less the likelihood of any problems with the baby's health.