How to calculate the area of ​​the walls of their own

Repair - it's a disaster!Perhaps many will agree with this statement.However, in the age of modern technology and huge amount of useful information available to this statement becomes irrelevant.

Manual and instructions for pasting wallpaper and floor filling, priming the walls and paint application layer and many other things are intended to help us to alleviate the hardships of life during repairs.And this article is no exception.Its content will tell you how to calculate the area of ​​the walls themselves.

If you decide to hire a team of dressers, all these problems entirely, they will incur.However, if a decision was made to carry out repairs yourself, the information presented here will be very useful.All you have to do - is responsible and careful adherence to the instructions provided, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the form of lack or excess supplies.

"How to calculate the area of ​​the walls?"- You ask."Easily!"- We answer.

If you have access to the Internet, you can use a special calculator which allows you to calculate a variety of construction parameters and characteristics.In particular, thanks to him, we can calculate the area of ​​the room (walls, floor).Despite the universality of such a device, there are situations when it is impossible to calculate the m2 with it.In such cases, you have to calculate the area of ​​the walls, "the old fashioned way."


- pen or pencil or chalk (anything that will help you make the label);

- of course, the measuring tool - roulette;

- calculator (if you can calculate it yourself, then there is no need for the device);

- building level.If not, it is possible to replace it with a conventional long pinion.

Description operation codenamed "how to calculate the area of ​​the walls of the old»:

first step is to release the two walls of the items that may interfere with the operation.This will help as much as possible to accurately measure all the necessary parameters.

second stage.Roulette is necessary to build a wall from the floor and strictly vertically up to the ceiling.Here, you may need a ladder or chair.Next, write down that number.

third stage.How to calculate the area of ​​the walls of a rectangular room, know all without exception.But just in case, we recall: S = ab, where a - length, b - width.

Further along the same principle measured by the remaining walls.

If the room is irregular in shape, it is necessary to divide it into several simpler areas and calculate each one separately.

All openings must be deducted from the total area.

One of the highlights in the repair of a sound insulation wall, that is, one might say, their boss.To protect the walls of the apartment from the negative effects of noise, they can be clad wooden or metal frame members or lay a special sound-proof material.After installing the noise insulation wall plaster layer, soil or sheathe plasterboard.

for activities such as insulation of walls, materials used for special finishing that can protect you and your home from prying unpleasant sounds.Specialist shops offer a wide range of materials, so to speak, for every taste and budget.

Good luck to you repair!