How to choose linoleum for apartment: how is this flooring

Linoleum - the most popular floor covering, which is used by mankind for the second hundred years.In today's construction market a wide range of flooring material.Therefore, the consumer often acutely raises the question: how to choose linoleum for apartment and not to be mistaken?

little history

first attempts to create linoleum occurred in the 19th century.He is a kind of jute cloth on which was coated with linseed oil, resin and wood flour and chalk component.At the exit, after drying, it turned out quite strong natural cover.

With the development of the chemical industry began to appear all new artificial materials with enough unique features.Often, they even scored superior to their natural counterparts.And given their mass production, the price of synthetic materials were not quite so high.Such innovations are not spared and the production of linoleum, which originally was called PVC coating.

How to choose linoleum for apartment: species, types, characteristics

species of flooring today abound, but the most popular and affordable is a natural and PVC linoleum for the kitchen and other rooms.

Marmoleum - the name in the construction industry is a natural linoleum - it is considered the most environmentally friendly mode.So how to choose linoleum for apartment, where people live with allergies, or young children.This is a very serious problem, experts recommend using here is this type of coverage.Its advantages include the fact that it has a high abrasion resistance, does not accumulate static electricity, is durable and does not lose color brightness over time.Furthermore, it is rather rigid and when laying does not require special skills.

When decorating the premises common to use synthetic flooring.Prices for this type of linoleum is quite accessible, making it the most popular among the middle class.Manufactures synthetic linoleum of PVC and is divided into three categories: traditional, in which laid the foundation felt or jute cloth;Vinyl - durable and soft material made from foamed vinyl;duplicate - vinyl material non-woven base.

people concerned about the question "How to choose linoleum for apartment?" - Are often seen on the shelves of hardware stores and such a versatile material as heterogeneous linoleum, consisting of several layers.Each of them plays a role, and all of the layers together provide a holistic coating, decorated with rich exquisite drawings.The basis for such a material is a reinforcing coating.Since reinforcement was "afraid" of sharp inflection, when buying is not recommended to put linoleum in the envelope, it is better to roll it into a roll.

Another type of material: homogeneous linoleum.It is a polyvinyl chloride sheet having a thickness of 1.5 to 3 mm, with a repeating pattern.This type is strong enough, which is why it is advisable to use it in places abundant crowds: in stores, railway stations, hospitals.As for the practical purpose, the choice of the variety of linoleum is definitely a cost-effective solution in terms of utilization of financial resources.But the embodiment of design ideas such linoleum is very limited: it is not particularly distinguished by the variety of color palettes.