Bialowieza Forest - a treasure of the nation!

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What is the Bialowieza Forest?First of all, it is the largest remnant of the primeval relic forest on flat terrain.According to the ideas prevailing among modern scientists, the forest in prehistoric times was located in Europe, but over time has been partially cut down.In a more or less its original form it is preserved only as a large array in the territory of the Bialowieza region, which, in turn, is located on the lands of Poland and Belarus.

Geography Forest

Bialowieza Forest - a place, through which runs the border between the two countries - Belarus and Poland.Next to this virgin forest is the famous prehistoric watershed of the Black and Baltic seas.Flora and fauna in this geographical area is unique.To save it in the Bialowieza Forest Protection established four modes:

  • buffer zone;
  • recreational land;
  • area controlled use;
  • economic zone.

Moreover, around the nature reserve, an artificial buffer zone.Forest, located on the lands of Belarus and Poland, is a truly unique and the largest array of all the prehistoric forests still existing on our planet.It is dominated by pine forests (moss and blueberry), and the average age of each tree - not less than 80 years.

little history

this reserve as a protected unique area was already known in 1409, the year.Then the Polish throne sat a king named Jagiello.It was his private property was the forest.It was he who at the time issued a royal decree, according to which all hunting large animals inhabiting the territory of the relict forest, is strictly prohibited."Belovezhskoe treasure" was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 1413th year, and in 1795, the year Russia has joined the forest.

«Children bison your ...»

Do you think that links the word "bison" with the word "forest"?This is the most real synonymous.Remember the words of the famous song: "bison your children do not want to die."And it is no accident.Emperor Alexander I in 1802, the year his decree completely forbidden to hunt bison inhabiting the territory of the Bialowieza Forest.

all in the same year 1802, the territory became part of the Grodno province, the official coat of arms is recognized bison.But not only this famous sheltered bison reserve.Its territory is inhabited by a lot of different animals and plants.Let's talk about the flora and fauna of the forest.

Bialowieza Forest.Animals and plants

number of species of plants and animals that inhabit this territory, Bialowieza Forest is unparalleled in all of Europe!Just think: there are growing nearly 1,000 species of seed plants and vascular disputes.There were registered 260 different species of mosses, 570 species of mushrooms, and 300 species of lichens.National Park "Bialowieza Forest" - is not only a hotbed of flora, but also a real natural "zoo".

List fauna of the reserve has 60 different species of mammals, 230 species of birds, 11 species of amphibians (amphibians), 8 species of reptiles (reptiles), 25 species of fish and a large number of invertebrates - more than 11,000 Worthnoting that the largest population of bison lives on the territory of the Bialowieza Forest.

Here you can find such large herbivores like deer, roe deer, elk, wild boar.Carnivorous animals in the forest are represented by wolves, foxes, badgers, lynx, otters, martens, etc.Zoologists, entomologists namely, maintain that in the Bialowieza Forest survived a very rare and unique in its own way the community of invertebrates.These include insects in rotten or dead wood in mulberry mushrooms and invertebrates, preferring fens and bogs.

once inhabited the territory of the reserve big ungulate - tour.Unfortunately, currently its population died out completely.Tours disappeared from the face of the Earth in the XVII century.Zoologists, historians say that these ungulates were much larger than the current "Bialowieza" giants - bison.It is no secret, bison, too, are on the brink of extinction ... They, like many other animals living in this reserve, entered in the International Red Book.

World Heritage National Park called "Bialowieza Forest" in 1992 was included in the so-called World Heritage List.It belonged to the UNESCO decision.Moreover, exactly one year later, the park gained the status of the so-called Biosphere Reserve.In 1997, in the name of the reserve has been awarded a diploma of the Council of Europe - an international organization that promotes co-operation between all European nations.

One of the most important events in the history of this unique place was relatively recently - in 2014.According to the decision of the session of the World Heritage Committee, adopted on 23 June 2014, the park-reserve "Bialowieza Forest" with his Belarusian and Polish territories became a single UNESCO World Heritage Site.Be sure to visit this wonderful place!