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In the center of the Chelyabinsk region, near the city of Miass, located Ilmen State Reserve.These places have long attracted the attention of scientists.In May 1920, Lenin issued a decree under which Ilmen Mountains were declared reserves.

This research, environmental public institution, which today has the status of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch of it.His main task is to maintain in pristine condition of the natural complex, research of ecological and biological profile, geological and mineralogical, science and environmental education.Scientists and reserve staff carry out educational work on environmental protection.

Ilmensky Reserve - Museum

This institution is one of the five largest museums of its kind in our country.In his exposition, he has one of the largest biological dioramas Russia.On the basis of the museum operates a branch Ilmensky scientific society of students.For the guys in the summer environmental camps created, held rallies.In these places, probation students of the universities of Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk.

History Museum

Ilmeny Not for nothing called the "mineralogical paradise."These mountains are very rich variety of rocks.The very first collection of minerals started to create the first director of the reserve D. Rudenko.

Since 1931 the exposition of minerals exhibited in the museum of Miass, as well as windows that have been installed on the verandas of houses employees of the reserve.A huge contribution to the creation of the museum made a Geologist Fersman, who at the time was the director of the Mineralogical Museum of the USSR.

museum exhibition in the museum archive contains more than thirty thousand exhibits.Less than one third of them (9,000 exhibits) presented to show visitors.The museum has seven showrooms, located on three floors.

On the first floor - three rooms.In one of them exhibited themed collections gathered on the fields of the Urals and other regions of Russia - precious stones, amethyst and rock crystal from the Polar Urals.

At several booths samples of meteorites that have been found in different parts of the world - Imilak, Seymchon Lamont et al. Is there and fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which fell in 2013, not far from the museum.

second hall of the museum is the systematic collection of minerals.It is represented by 740 species.By the way, it should be noted that in the world today there are about 4500 species.More than 1500 samples placed in the windows, according to the classification.

In the center, visitors can see two unique vases.One is called "Lira" and the second - "Ural Rhapsody".Both are made of Ural jasper.

conference room located on the ground floor.There are seminars, conferences, lectures, meetings with schoolchildren and students, scientists and nature lovers.Here you can see non-fiction movies about the reserve, visit the informative exhibition.

in Biological room on the third floor, is the largest of the existing volume in Russia diorama showing diversity and landscape complexes, which differ Ilmen mineralogical nature reserve and adjacent to it in the Southern Urals.

a diorama you can see the most characteristic species of flora and fauna of Ilmen.Here, in the display cases in small dioramas, presented flora and fauna of the reserve.In the center of the room you can see a collection of nests, eggs, rare plants, a variety of lichens and several species of bats.

Downstairs, in the lobby, a gift shop, offering original products from minerals, stones, ceramics, bark, etc... In addition, the territory of the parking lot running "wild" market where you can buy incredibly beautiful things.Miass and Zlatoust Kusa - a historic patrimony of great masters stone-cutters, many of the locals are still engaged in the work of the stone, using the secrets of their fathers and grandfathers.


If you want a car to go to the Ilmen reserve your card will be needed.From Chelyabinsk, you will need to move around the track № 5. On reaching the Chebarkul and following the past w / train station, it is necessary to cross the tracks and turn left (the fork).Then the road goes past the recreation centers and resorts in the direction of the city of Miass.The reserve is located at the entrance to the city.

You can access it both independently and as part of a tour group.Experienced professionals will tell you a lot about the history of the reserve and its current activities.

Flora and Fauna Reserve

Ilmensky has more than 20 species of endangered and rare plants.All of them need protection.The pride of this area - a rare orchid slipper Grandiflora and slipper spotted.They are listed as endangered.

variety of soils, a special microclimate, provide hydration in this natural laboratory of excellent conditions for the life and development of plants and animals, representing not only the forest area but the steppe.

list of all animal species that inhabit the reserve, including protozoa, worms, molluscs, insects, crustaceans and other invertebrates, vertebrates, taking into account, will make thousands of items.

Ilmensky Reserve - animals

largest inhabitant of these places - moose.In addition, these places are quite a few other members of the family of deer - roe deer.According to employees of the complex, they should be here more than traces of hares or squirrels.

Reserve Ilmensky chosen by predators - lynx, wolf, fox.They live here and the animals that belong to the big family of martens.The largest of them - the badger.

Rodents presented forest species - we all know hare and squirrel.They live in these places striped chipmunk and a rather rare even in the animal reserve a night - flying squirrel and wild mice and voles.


Ilmensky Reserve has a great diversity of birds.Especially a lot of birds in this area in the spring and summer.With the onset of cold weather three-quarters of the birds fly away to warmer climes.Most migratory birds settle at reservoirs.Here you can find coots, singing birds - warblers, reed buntings and drozdovidnyh.

Ilmensky Reserve is home to several species of birds that are listed in the Red Book of Russia.If you're lucky, you can see the large curlew, greater spotted eagle, European white blue tits, oystercatcher, cemetery, Dunlin, owl, European black-throated diver.

birds remaining in the reserve for the winter, live mainly in forests.Here you can see the capercaillie and black grouse.

the winter here sometimes fly hawk owl, white owl, crested bird gray-brown color with a bright yellow stripe on the tail - waxwing, snow bunting.Flocks of birds can often be seen on the roads.These winter visitors leave the reserve in the spring and fly to places of permanent nesting.


Perhaps this is the most diverse group of living beings.The reserve is found 3133 species.


The reserve is more than thirty lakes.They are found representatives of 7 fish families:

  • whitefish;
  • carp;
  • schukovye;
  • loaches;
  • perch;
  • goloveshkovye;
  • cod.

at a certain date the administration of the reserve permits on the lakes fishing.