The principle of determining the meaning of life

matter, wondered whether a person question the meaning of life, or not, his life, however, depends entirely on this key issue, and the issue is determined.Another thing that is most people do not realized.And in vain!In the present state of the world, with the impending global changes that question can not be ignored.If you pay attention to how badly lately people are beginning to worry about the problem of "how to live?", Take into account the huge number of various concepts, ideas, emerging all kinds of societies of the spiritual development, it should be noted that without a radical, global solution to the question of the meaning of life, allit is unlikely to have a full and can very easily fall into marginality.It should be clearly understood that the main and determining a solution to the question "what?" And "why?".Only if these basic questions, we can determine fully with the question of "how" funds are not clearly defined set of distinct purpose, is unlikely to bring benefits, but represent a considerable danger may be the thing in the history revealed more than enough.The purpose defines the means, and not vice versa.That's why the most important and priority issue is the question of what is the meaning of life?

principal in determining the meaning of life as a single person and of all humanity is the angle of view on the issue.In this regard, first of all, to consider the principle of one Being.It is understood that nothing exists by itself.Everything is interconnected, interdependent, and there in the interaction.Since the meaning of life is usually considered as a problem of comprehension, justification, goal-setting of human presence in the world, in this case, a clear understanding of what is the world in its primordial as a single set of manifest for us the existential process.Understanding that the world is a single information system, and structural form which is determined by causal relations, organized by the fractal principle, makes it possible in general to discover a single cause, giving rise to the being of the world.Since any particular phenomenon, any private object of the world is due to the overall chain of causal processes that organize systematic world, should take into account the causal structure, dating back to the First Cause.It is in the First Cause signed original meaning of being-the process itself and the meaning of human life, too, as such, is a phenomenon of all space wide process.But in order to fully define the issue of what is the meaning of human life, it should be clearly defined with the understanding that there is a person.
In "The nature of the world and the meaning of life," I have tried to solve this problem.For this it was necessary to clearly separate the concept and essence of Being as philosophical categories, and define relationships between them.This approach reverses the usual, you might say - vulgar, view of the world.Change places the concept of reality and illusion.As a result, he found the essence of the human element as a primary to being, and the meaning of the human element of your stay in the world, individually and collectively defined as a form of consciousness embryogenesis.
Perhaps once the first reading of this work may have difficulties in understanding some positions and definitions.Yet in order to facilitate understanding of the need imagery.Therefore, I can recommend to read first "Reflections on attempts to answer the questions."In this paper I have tried to bring something like figurative illustrations, which gives some idea of ​​the relationship between Essence and Existence, meaning essentially the nature of the world and man in the world.You can pay attention to other work related to this subject, and being in the context of the "Nature of the world and the meaning of life", "self-evident truth", "Magic and magic - definition of concepts", "The Gospel of John - a careful reading."

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