How to start a baby?

Rarely, when deliveries begin suddenly.Usually 2-4 weeks before giving birth under the influence of hormonal changes in a woman's body there are certain processes that are called harbingers of sorts.

«omission» belly

Mom may suddenly notice that it was easier to breathe, and his stomach moved down."Omission" of the abdomen is due to the insertion of the fetal presenting part to the pelvic entrance and deviations uterus due to a decrease in anterior abdominal tone.Sitting and walking at the same time becomes a little harder.In nulliparous stomach drops usually 2-4 weeks before delivery.We re Rodia - before birth.It happens that the "omission" of the abdomen does not occur at all.

Increased urination and defecation urination becomes more frequent as it increases pressure on the bladder.Hormones can affect the gut and women, causing a dilution of the chair.About as before the exam.

lower back pain

After baby displacement down a woman may experience uncomfortable sensations in the lumbar region.

change in fetal movement

baby may die down a little, it is very actively moving.Still, most women notice before delivery for a reduction of motor activity of the child, due to the fact that the weight of about 3 kg to it closely in the uterus.

Irregular uterine

After the 30th week of pregnancy can appear false contractions.They are irregular and painless.It is often mistaken for the beginning of their birth.But if you can not install a regular and long rhythm of these contractions and the intervals between them are not reduced, then this is not the beginning of labor.

Emotional instability

Mood swings largely associated with neuroendocrine processes in the body pregnant before giving birth.Apathy can suddenly give way to violent activities.Manifested instinct "nests".A woman getting ready to welcome your baby: sews, cleans, washes, cleans.

Change in appetite

Most appetite decreases.Even if the entire pregnancy hungry "for two", then a few weeks before the birth of a woman eating a little.

Weight loss

Before birth a woman can lose some weight.Body weight of pregnant women may be reduced by about 1-2 kg.Since the body naturally prepares to leave.

Passage of mucus plug

mucous plug - a vaginal discharge of cervical mucus, which can be colorless, yellowish, or slightly stained with blood.Mucus plug keeps the channel closed during pregnancy.Loss of mucous plug - a certain sign of the birth mucous plug can move up to 2 weeks before delivery, and perhaps for 3-4 days.Discharge of mucus plug - not a reason to go to the maternity hospital.

Optionally, prior to delivery to a woman celebrated all of the above precursors.Usually, 2-3 expectant mother observed signs of approaching childbirth.Sometimes, the harbingers of delivery may not be available.

There are two main signs of labor:

1. onset of labor was defined as regular uterine contractions of muscles - fights.

Rhythmic contractions are felt as a feeling of pressure in the abdomen.The first contractions are accompanied by a dull ache in the lower back or thighs.Then feelings may be similar to those that are painful menstruation.Gradually, the pain of contractions become tangible.In between contractions, the pain is usually absent.True labor contractions are repeated every 15-20 minutes (and possibly a different frequency), with a gradual decrease in the interval between them to 3-4 minutes.Women who give birth for the first time, prefer to go to the hospital as soon as contractions become regular and there, although they have the time: the first birth usually last 12-14 hours.Other expectant mothers wait until the contractions become more frequent.The time when to go to the hospital, also depends on how far away it is.

2. Deliveries can begin with a discharge of amniotic fluid.

Thus, if a small rupture of membranes, the water can leak.The bag of water can break suddenly, then water "gush high flow».Water can depart before the start rhythmic contractions.Most often it occurs in multiparous.When rupture of membranes of pain is not felt.If the waters retreated immediately, before rhythmic contractions - should go to the hospital immediately!If water leak and is then left there for several hours.Usually water transparent and odorless.If the color is slightly greenish, be sure to tell your doctor more often, it is a sign of distress from the child.

Every woman's labor begin and proceed in different ways.Some women give birth to the "classic" - contractions develop gradually, the intervals between contractions gradually reduced and there is a desire to push.Others give birth "rapidly" - contractions are active, and the intervals between them shorter.In the third, a prelude to the birth is delayed.Normally, nulliparous mothers are afraid to miss the beginning of the delivery or do not have time to get to the hospital.But in practice this does not occur practically.But, on the contrary, the situation when a woman comes to the hospital, taking the harbingers of the onset of labor for the hospital business as usual.But in this case, perebdet still better than nedobdet.

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